bmwk100rsdealsgap_200x200.jpgMy name is Yermo Lamers. I am the co-founder and Lead Server Software developer for DTLink Software, LLC, a company that specializes in desktop stock portfolio management software tied to a social investing service.

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DTLink Software runs a number of websites. Each website is designed to help market its products, manage business development contacts, provide support, manage sales, amongst a host of other purposes.

Since we are a huge international corporation of 2 people and we attempt to do far too much, we needed a solution to help us manage all these contacts, opportunities, relationships, products, services and content in way that would not cost us much in terms of either time or money.

Thus the formVistatm  business website platform was born.

yermo1_small.JPG_150x150.jpgIn 2000 we met Ryan over at Nuts and Bolts Interactive, Inc. We instantly realized we had to work together somehow. As a result of his very hard work,  formVistatm can now manage and automate just about any kind of website. Not only does NBI run all of its own websites on formVistatm, it fields practically all of its customers business sites on this platform as well.

With a recent push, formVistatm has been radically expanded to include various kinds of social features that we need for our soon to be upgraded social investing service.This includes reworking the blog and forum, including member profiles, adding friends lists, privacy controls, web messaging, notifications and a centralized commenting system in addition to a whole host of new capabilities on the backend.

As for this website, YML.COM started life as my own personal website. It eventually graduated to the status of test bed for formVistatm where I was able to get help from some friends, mostly motorcyclists, to test this beast. clip_800x600_250x300.jpgSomething to note is that this entire site with all of it's features has been assembled strictly through a webbrowser. Not single line of HTML, Javascript, PHP or SQL has been written to support this site specifically. It's a box-stock formVistatm install.

Over the next few months YML.COM will slowly morph into it's own business venture where individuals and groups can create social mini-sites consisting of  content, photos, blogs, forums, ticket lists and other features all controllable through a web browser. The features that are presently on the site are an example of the kinds of things members will be able to create in their own mini-sites.

And yea, there will probably still be alot about motorcycling, boating, computers, politics, pool, and other topics on this site.