Posting Topics:

To post new topics or reply to exiting ones in the forum, you must have an account. Use the "register" link in the upper right to register for an account.


There are two searching modes in the forum. Simple and Advanced. To do a simple search just type words into the text input field at the top of the forum and click "Search Forum". It will then search the subject, post and author and display any posts that match all of the words you entered.

The advanced search allows you to search over a range of dates and break down the search by subject, post body or author.


The forum supports a concept of "Watching". If you click the "Forum Watch is Off" link, you have the option of turning on Forum Watching which will notify  you by email whenever anyones posts to the forum. To turn it off again, just click the link.

Setting Digest and Reply Email Preferences:

By default, users will get a summary email of posts that happened during the day. They will also be notified immediately of any replies to their posts. Each of these actions is controllable through the "Forum Preferences" link. If you do not want to receive the daily digest emails just click on Forum Preferences and set "Email Daily Digest" to No. If you do not want to receive emails when someone replies to one of your posts, set Email on Reply to No.

Uploading Photos:

You can upload photos to include in your posts. From the Post New Topic or Reply dialogs, select the Add Image link. Choose a title that will be displayed as a caption under your image. Then click BROWSE to browse for an image on your computer to upload. The image will automatically be resized to fit the forum. Readers will be able to click on the image for a full sized view. In order to upload an image you must certify that you do, in fact, have the rights to distribute the image.Click UPLOAD to upload the image. A text reference to the image will be included in the text of your post. See the fvCode section below.

Linking YouTube Videos:

You can also embed YouTube videos into your posts. Click on the Add Video link. The title you select will be displayed as a caption below the video. For the Video URL, copy and paste the URL of the video from YouTube (not the Embed code, the URL). Click POST and a reference to the video will be included in the text of the post. See the fvCode section below.


You can include URLs to other sites directly in your posts. The forum code will automatically identify the URL and set it up as a link appropriately.

NOTE: There is a bug which will be fixed in a future release. Make sure to include a space at the end of your URL before any other characters otherwise the URL may be mis-linked. e.g. don't do something like (  instead add a space (  ).


formVista forums include support for a wide range of emoticons:

smile  :-)
smile  :)

wink  ;-)
wink  ;)

biggrin   :-D
biggrin   :-d
biggrin   :D
biggrin   :d
biggrin   :->
biggrin   :>

cool   B-)
cool   B)
cool   b)
cool   (H)
cool   (h)

tongue_smilie  :-P
tongue_smilie  :-p
tongue_smilie  :P
tongue_smilie  :p

ohmy   :-O
ohmy   :-o
ohmy   :O
ohmy   :o

blush   :-$
blush   :$

stare   :-|
stare   :|

unsure  :-S
unsure  :-s
unsure  :S
unsure  :s

confused  :/
confused  :-/

sad     :-(
sad     :(

crying  ;(
crying  ;-(
crying  :'(
crying  :'-(

scared  :+(

angry   :-@
angry   :@

devil   >;)
devil   >;-)
devil   >:-)


The formVista forum includes a simple formatting language called fvCode which has been loosely modeled after formatting languages used by other forum software. fvCode consists of content enclosed in square bracketed open and close tags.

fvCode supports the following tags:

  • [b]some text[/b] display some text in bold.
  • [url src=""]some text[/url] link some text to the website
  • [u] some text [/u] underline some text.
  • [quote]some text[/quote] display some text as a quote
  • [code]some text[/code] display some text as highlighted code.
  • [img caption="some text']url to some image[/img] embed the linked image in the post and add the caption title.
  • [video caption="some text"]url to youtube video[/video] embed the linked YouTube video.
  • [list] [item]some text[/item][item]some text2[/item][/list] create an unnumbered list of items.