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General Forum -> Interesting Article About Having Your E-mail Compromised
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2014-01-29 22:07:44
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Developer Loses Single-Letter Twitter Handle Through Extortion

The article is about someone who lost his @N twitter handle through extortion.

What I found most interesting about it, was how the extortionist went about doing it.

Check out the take-away at the bottom of the article.
Posted by: 647
2014-01-29 22:10:41
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in reply to #6506
Yea. That article has been making the rounds. It's pretty scary the damage that can be done if your domain account gets compromised.
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Posted by: Yermo
2014-01-29 22:26:31
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in reply to #6507
Kinda got me thinking that it might make sense to use a gmail, verizon or other account for logins.

I would imagine that it would be much more difficult to compromise their DNS.
Posted by: 647