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  • CLOG v 0.8 bugs and suggestions.
    12/09/2004 4:41PM
    I've created Admin->Bugs and Admin->Suggestions categories. It'll be alot easier for me if we keep suggestions and bug reports here on the clog. YML.COM is, after all, pretty much a test site.

    So far from me and Anatoly:
    • Right now in Thunderbird all articles come up as from "anonymous"; you should set the author field for each article.
    • When trying to use the Paste function in the new editor, I get an 
      "unpriveledged scripts can not cut/copy/paste programmatically for
      security reasons." It directs me to this page:


      This is using Firefox 1.0. I wonder if there is any other way to get
      around it without making users modify their preferences.
      • there doesn't seem to be a good way to get around this. Copy/paste works if you're viewing the source, however (click the <> button). It looks like i'm going to need to provide some kind of script to do that update; getting our users to edit that file will be nearly impossible. -- yml
    • BTW, image URLs in RSS articles also need to be absolute URLs, otherwise 
      they will show up in the reader as broken images.
      • I think I have this working now in my development copy. I'll be installing the update shortly. -- yml
    • I think you should add a link at the end of the RSS article to go to the web site to read the articles.
      • I've made some fixes in the XML which seems to have taken care of this. --yml

    • double category bug on editing an existing article.
    • search bug where articles are listed multiple times.
    • post comments from the list view don't like to the form.
      • fixed -- yml
    • clicking on comments from the list view doesn't scroll down to the comments.
      • fixed --yml
    If you notice any other problems or have suggestions please post comments to this article.