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  • Compiling FireFox 1.0 from source under RedHat Linux
    12/26/2004 8:52PM
    This one took a bit to figure out. It looks like firefox and mozilla share the same source tree. If you just do the normal configure, make you'll get errors like

    ../../toolkit/locales/en-US/chrome/necko/contents.rdf' doesn't exist

    after quite a bit of compiling. Some sites suggest doing a LANGUAS=en prior to the configure, but that does not work.

    The "configure" script optionally reads in a file of settings called ".mozconfig" in the source root directory. In the standard firefox source distribution this file does not exist. A copy is located in


    Just copy that file to .mozconfig in source root directory. Then run configure and make.

    For more information please refer to the FireFox build instructions at:


    (update 2005-01-24, moved to FireFox and Mozilla category)
    (update 2006-03-12, added link to new firefox build document)