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  • PHP 4.3.10 busy loop in Apache 1.3.33 under RedHat 9
    01/11/2005 10:26PM
    The joys of PHP. For not the first time and probably not the last, I've managed to get PHP to alternatively crash Apache or cause it to sit and spin at 99.9% CPU utilization. I've posted a bug report with the PHP group at:


    I've also just submitted what may be a related bug:


    It's probably due to the classic core dump/malloc corruption do to calling a method through an undefined object reference as in:

    $obj1 = new someobject();

    more times than not PHP will segfault on the above. About 1 in 10 it'll display the "no such object" message. I particularly enjoy the times that the $this reference gets dropped ...

    Update 2005-01-13: Configuring PHP with the --enable-debug option seems to prevent both the crash and the busy loop. You will probably want to turn off logging of messages in php.ini as your logfiles will grow extremely fast with --enable-debug.