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  • Nuke Plants Needed Now
    02/01/2005 3:48PM
    One of the most effective ways that we can quickly act to avert environmental disaster from global warming is to go nuclear--that is, to start generating power with nuclear reactors on a large scale and abandon coal, oil and gas ASAP.

    Right now, the Chinese are racing to do exactly that--build a new generation of high temperature nuclear power plants.

    But these are not the scary, old-school, water cooling and control rod reactor designs discredited at TMI and elsewhere--they are based on an inherently safer low-threat reactor technology where engineers have weeks, not minutes to deal with emergencies--the helium cooled "pebble bed" type reactor.

    One of the postitive effects of adopting this approach would be a cheap new way to generate large quantities of hydrogen fuel for cars--as a side product of electrical power generation. Get the details here.