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  • Ian
    Ditch the Ads!
    02/02/2005 1:27AM
    I suddenly realized that I don't have to view all those Doubleclick ads while browsing the Web if I don't want to - I just made my local DNS resolver authoritative for doubleclick.net.  No more ads to look at and quicker page loads, too!  All you need is one scrap zone file to handle all those pesky domains.  Take a look, you'll be glad you did... I added to my local resolver's named.conf file some domains I don't want to have anything to do with:

    zone "doubleclick.net"  { type master; file "master/scrap"; };
    zone "ihost.com"        { type master; file "master/scrap"; };

    The zone file "master/scrap" can be used for all domains you want to throw out the window, because it contains no actual records:

    $TTL    86400
    @       IN      SOA     <your_nameserver> <your_email> (
                            2005020100      ; Serial
                            1H              ; Refresh
                            15M             ; Retry
                            1W              ; Expire
                            10M )           ; Minimum

            IN NS    <your_nameserver>

    Now check out how many web pages use ads from doubleclick.net.  If there are other prominent domains that should be similarly excluded, let me know.
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    02/02/2005 4:34AM
    I should've thought of that. Good thinking!
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    02/02/2005 12:57PM
    I have also added specificclick.net and viewpoint.com to the list.  They were responsible for a lot of ads at cbs.sportsline.com.<br /><br />
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