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  • Building PHP 4.3.x From Source With XML support, Stock Apache, RHEL 3/4
    04/11/2005 5:55PM
    This was a royal pain to piece together, but basically I needed stock PHP 4.3.11 built from source with XML support to work with a stock Redhat EL 3/4 apache 2.x.

    Yes, RHEL 3/4 comes with PHP OOTB if you choose to support HTTPD, but I like to add in only as much to PHP as necessary and always build my own.This is a custom install; I never do the generic "workstation" or "server" options and always install devel support, so if you set up your box differently, YMMV.

    After much digging:

    1) Grab the PHP source.

    2) Add extra stock RH packages to the system:


    3) Build from source:


    (available from: http://www.gingerall.com/charlie/ga/act/index.act?s=com)

    configure in the PHP source dir:

    [php-4.3.11]# ./configure --with-curl=/usr/bin/curl --enable-xslt --with-xslt-sablot=/usr/local/lib --with-dom=/usr/lib --with-dom-xslt --with-dom-exslt

    (obviously, add other options as you need them--these are just the XML support add-ins)

    4) make, make test, make install.

    That's it.

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    04/11/2005 6:56PM
    My latest PHP pain has again come in the form of a broken Progeny update.  This is the third time a Progeny update that I have applied has been broken!  The new package is supposed to address serialization problems, but it completely breaks the unserialize() function!<br /><br />I have informed them of its brokenness and reverted to the previous PHP packages.  Joy....<br /><br /><br />
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