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  • DocBook in OpenOffice 2.0
    10/27/2005 11:43PM
    I've been chipping away at the formVista documentation and contemplating starting on the much needed MOBIE document. I had decided some time ago that the DocBook file format gives me the most flexibility. Unfortunately, writing DocBook XML tags by hand is tedious. I had tried using Lyx for some time but it's unfortunately not quite ideal for this particular task.

    With the release of OpenOffice 2.0, it looks like their DocBook support is much improved.

    Getting started working with DocBook in OpenOffice took a bit of searching. There is a good introduction called Getting Started With DocBook on OpenOffice.

    Before you get started you have to download the DocBook Template located at http://xml.openoffice.org/xmerge/downloads/DocBookTemplate.stw.

    More info on tags supported can be found on the DocBook tags in OpenOffice.org page.

    And, after a few hours, I still haven't been able to generate valid DocBook with it.