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  • Mobile Phone Headaches and Vision Problems
    12/18/2005 6:10PM
    So I have been trying to replace the vintage 900mhz analog bagphone I've been using since the late 80's.

    The general idea is I want to be able to stay on top of the business and servers while I'm out. Over the last 2 weeks I've tried 3 different PDA/Cellphone gadgets including the Cingular HP hw6515, the Verizon XV6600 and last the Verizon Samsung i730.

    These gadgets are extremely cool. They allow you to easily check email, browse the web and check in on your servers (using a third-party SSH client). Too cool for words.

    The problem is that no matter what gadget I try, I get these incredibly weird vision blurring headaches within seconds of just turning the phone on. (i.e. turning off flight mode).  If I then actually use the gadget for either voice or data communications the symptoms get noticably worse within a minute or two.

    The pain descends through my right eye socket to my jaw and is accompanied by a tingling sensation. This happens even if I hold the gadget at arms reach and use the speakerphone.  The headaches lasts for a couple of hours after exposure and affects my ability to think clearly. I also get a bit dizzy and forgetful.

    Strangely, I get the same effect when I get too close to a wireless access point or use a newer cordless phone. I tried a bluetooth headset and that produced a lesser version of the headache when the cellphone was more than 3 meters away. What doesn't make any sense whatsoever is  regardless of where the radiation source is I always get the headache on the right side of my head and in my right eye. (As I'm writing this the vision out of my right eye is so blurry that I can hardly see out of it.) The tingling, however, does seem to track with the radiation source. The effect seems cumulative. Over the last two weeks, my sensitivity to this stuff has increased noticeably. I'm getting to the point where I'm noticing when others have their cellphones turned on. Weird.

    The old 900mhz analog phones never gave me a problem nor does my bag cellphone (which is counter-intuitive since it generates significantly more radiation than these little handhelds.)

    Also, I don't get these symptoms from other wireless gadgets like the LaCrosse wireless indoor/outdoor thermometer I have or the Logitech Wireless PS/2 controller I have for my game console.

    The problem is that from a business perspective this is disasterous. With everything that's been going on lately and my growing need to do business away from the office, not having one of these gadgets is a severe handicap. Right now I'm considering relegating it to "emergency" use only, but it's alot of money to have tied up in a gadget that causes me serious discomfort every time I use it.

    This sucks.

    So I did some googling around searching on

       headache vision "mobile phone"

    and came across quite a number of articles and reports that discuss these types of symptoms. Obviously, I don't know how credible these reports are but they do seem to match my own experiences.




    Searching on "mobile phone headache"



    The disturbing thing is that few are looking at the cumulative effects of cellphone and other "digital" radiation sources. I wonder if the reason I'm having these issues stems from the fact that I've been sitting in front/around computers and other EM radiation sources for 30 years now .. as I look at the rack of servers I'm sitting next to as I write this.