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  • Oh this is not good. Stomach Bug Mutates Into Medical Mystery
    12/30/2005 12:29PM
    As reported by the Washington Post:

    "This may well be another consequence of our use of antibiotics," said John G. Bartlett, an infectious-disease expert at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. "It's another example of an organism that all of a sudden has gotten a lot meaner and nastier."

    You can read the full article at the Post.

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    01/14/2006 12:02AM
    Interestingly enough, alot of the research that I've done regarding reflux and GERD seems to point to the conclusion that not only the overuse of antibiotics but also the overuse of antacids (both H2 blockers and proton-pump inhibitors) is fueling the evolution of all sorts of nasty gastro fauna.
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