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  • How To Convert Greenhouse Emissions To Fuel
    01/11/2006 4:47PM
    As reported in the Christian Science Monitor, USA Today, /. and elsewhere, a number of companies are now working on algae based systems that will convert smokestack greenhouse gases into algae with high oil concentrations (50% by weight).

    The algae is then converted in to Biodiesel and ethanol, after reducing CO2 content by 40% and oxides of nitrogen by over 80%.

    Now THIS begins to look like progress...
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    01/12/2006 11:08AM
    The Christian Science Monitor article actually includes a
    photo of the good doctor, Isaac Berzin. In my experience,
    MIT PhD's do not generally mousse their hair, even in posed

    Minor quibble aside, he is alleged to be a rocket scientist.
    WTF is a rocket sci. doing messing with algae? Axly, Berzin's
    PhD was in Chem. Eng. & Biotech. His later affiliation with
    the space program was professional.

    On his Greenfuel Technologies site, a section describes the
    smokestack scrubbing technology:


    > GreenFuel has a custom-developed holistic
    > analytical model that combines photomodulation and
    > fluid dynamics to optimize photosynthetic efficiency.

    Yup. Fluid dynamics. It's rocket science, alright.
    Great way to say that they use light and stirring
    to get the best algae growth.

    More seriously, Berzin's work on the bioreactor is
    what made it possible. It derives the necessity of
    uniform continuous mixing in near-zero gravity.

    The journal article has a detailed description of the
    process, a few diagrams, and photo of the first installation.

    The Boston Museum of Science made a short video
    about the tech:


    More press:

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