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  • Dodged a bullet! Oracle bid to purchase Mysql
    02/16/2006 10:29AM
    From the "Oh this would have been !@##@! terrible! department" (reported on slashdot):

    "CNet is reporting on a recent Oracle bid for open-source database MySQL. They were unsuccessful."
    From the article: "'It all comes back to the question of cannibalizing an existing business,' O'Grady said. 'If you determine that to some extent it's inevitable, wouldn't you prefer that you do it, instead of your competitors?' O'Grady said Oracle could benefit from MySQL in the way that IBM has from its acquisition of Gluecode, a company that commercializes the open-source Geronimo Java application server software and competed with IBM's own proprietary WebSphere product."

    Talk about dodging a bullet. You can read the article at slashdot.