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  • This Could Change Everything
    09/21/2006 12:03AM
    Eestor, a privately held Texas company (no website) has a new battery technology . They plan on producing a high output solid state battery with a million+ charge cycle capacity, and a recharge time of minutes instead of hours (already tested).

    It is expected to be cost competive with lead acid batteries. If what they are claiming proves to be true it will likely change everything.
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    09/22/2006 9:12AM
    Maybe change everything- I'm not sure.  While it is better than a Lead-acid battery, they only say it is 10x better- I can't remember if it is by weight or by volume, but if I remember correctly, a gallon of gasoline has 1000x the energy of a LA battery.  Still a long way to go.
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    09/24/2006 9:09PM
    A gloss on the technology mentions barium titanate. IIRC, it is a piezo-electric when you use rare earth dopants, optoelectric with different rare earths (lead+lanthanum}, and permanent magnetic with an admixture of ferrites.

    It is a brittle ceramic and I wonder how that frailty will be addressed in the production devices.
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