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  • What we've always known: White Bread can kill you
    10/21/2006 9:57AM
    "Eating lots of white bread raises the risk of a cancer that kills thousands of Britons every year, according to new research.

    Those who eat five slices a day are almost twice as likely to develop the most common form of kidney cancer compared to those who have one and a half slices.

    Scientists put the cause down to refined cereals triggering a surge in blood sugar and insulin levels, which is thought to fuel cancer cell growth."

    Read the full article here.

  • Comment By:
    10/31/2006 3:11PM
    additives in flour that are known problems:<br /><font size="-1"><br /></font>potassium bromate:<br />It is typically used as a flour improver strengthening the dough and allowing higher rising<br />this has been a known carcinogen <br /><br />baking powder:<br />&nbsp;helps the dough rise - the problem most baking powder that is used consist of<br />calcium aluminum phosphate - aluminum is not a food &amp; should not be in any food.<br />aluminum has been linked to alzheimer's<br /><br /><br /><br />.<br /><br /><p><br /></p>
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