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  • Groklaw Rants On Software Patents
    10/03/2004 6:26PM
    Groklaw rocks. Found this article on Slashdot. I was saying just earlier today that it's going to take some of these really high-profile cases to elevate the evil that is software patents to a level where it can be understood as a real problem by industry outsiders. Naively one can hope that once it becomes clear that software patents amount to patenting thought itself corrective actions will be taken.

    From slashdot:

    "Groklaw has the story of Kodak v. Sun (mentioned on Slashdot already), which PJ calls 'Exhibit A' in the case against software patents. Her analysis of Kodak v. Sun, and the larger issue of software patents, is excellent. Bottom line: the software patent 'cold war' provides no benefits to anyone, and will inevitably make the game of software development impossible for anyone to play."