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  • Kubuntu Linux Hardy Heron 8.0.4 Shift Key problem
    09/28/2008 6:09PM
    I'm running the Kubuntu Gutsy Gibbon linux distribution. Randomly, the SHIFT key will stop functioning. It seems to somehow be related to running VMWare Workstation and switching screens. It's a known bug listed here:


    Getting your SHIFT key working again does not require a reboot. Simply enter the command

    $ setxkbmap

    in a command window and it'll reset it.

    Update: Rumor has it that upgrading to VMware 6.5 fixes the problem.

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    12/30/2008 8:56AM
    I upgraded to VMware 6.5 but that didn't seem to eliminate the problem.&nbsp; My bet is that it is a KDE bug.<br /><br />Unfortunately, I don't have the time to upgrade to 8.1 just yet.<br />
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