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    CSS: Removing Extra Space In a Submit Button Under IE 6 and IE 7
    02/28/2009 5:53PM
    When you create an input button that has a long string set as it's value attribute, IE 6 and IE 7 render additional, spurious whitespace or padding to the left and the right of the text in the button.  This is solved by adding the following conditional CSS style for the input button in question (assuming we have an input button with the class "submit_button"):

            padding: 0;
            margin: 0;
            width: auto;
            max-width: auto;
            overflow: visible
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    02/28/2009 5:54PM
    What do you mean by "conditional CSS style"?
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    02/28/2009 5:57PM
    It is conditional in that is it only loaded if the browser is IE 6 or IE 7. You don't want to have this as the style for all browsers (Firefox, Safari, etc), but want to include it using the IE if tag.
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    02/28/2009 5:58PM
    Something I'll have to fix. I think I'm using the wrong size avatar graphic in the comments component.
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    02/28/2009 6:00PM
    That might be the case. I can't remember is there was another size you were using.

    I'll look at the CSS and let you know.
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    02/28/2009 6:02PM
    I think we shoudl use the smaller avatars here instead of this size. I do think it's my bug. I'll change it to use the smaller avatar. That'll make the comments feel more separated from the rest of the blog.

    The other thing I was thinking is that the separators between blog comments should be styled differently from the separate of blog articles ... so you have a visual cue that you're viewing comments. Right now it looks too similar so you don't immediately know if you're looking at the list of blog articles or comments.
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    02/28/2009 6:17PM
    That makes sense. Let me know once you update the comments to use the smaller avatar and later tonight I'll update the styling for the comments.
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