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  • Exactly as predicted - Microsoft starts big business patent haven through cross licensing
    11/08/2004 1:12PM
    I have read countless articles on the subject of how patents only help big business. Exactly as predicted, the largest companies are entering into mass cross licensing deals to establish a mutual safe-haven at the top. This establishes an effective shield against disruptive technologies from smaller companies. Because so many patents are inapporpriately granted on obvious and/or long standing technologies, independent software developers and open source projects are at risk of being extorted out of existence. It is a classic example of an anti-competitive system.

    Check out this article at news.com entitled Microsoft - licensed to deal.

    There is a minor glimmer of hope. There is an effort to hold back the darkness in Europe. Check out http://nosoftwarepatents.com/en/m/intro/index.html.