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  • Where The Cheap SCSI Drives Are
    09/13/2004 2:08PM
    NEVER pay retail for SCSI Drives! I use:

    • AC Micro in Beltsville: www.acmicro.com You can mail order from them, or pick up at their retail space, though you gotta call first to make sure they'll be there.
    • Computer Giants: www.computergiants.com You can search their site by a number of different categories (drive capacity, speed, brand, etc.).
    • SCSI4me: www.scsi4me.com I think these guys are in Springfield, so in theory, you could drive there to do the retail space thing too.
    • Pricegrabber: www.pricegrabber.com
    • Pricewatch: www.pricewatch.com
    Be sure to check prices regularly as they seem to fluctuate quite a bit.