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  • Congressman Al Grayson (D-FL) Is Paying Attention
    02/22/2009 8:06PM
    It is heartening to know that a freshman Congressman from Florida is paying attention to the $2 trillion in secret Fed lending. He is no ordinary Congressman; he is a highly educated scholar from Harvard with a financial background. (Note, however, that Flashlight is a very ordinary person asking the same questions; it doesn't take a scholar). See Cong. Grayson's questions of a federal reserve vice-governor during a recent Congressional hearing:


    You might find it interesting to learn that earlier this week, Flashlight had an opportunity to ask a recent former Federal reserve governor his opinion of the $2 trillion loans and the Bloomberg lawsuit. He quickly responded that he had no knowledge --in fact, had never heard of -- the situation I was referencing.

    This response did not put Flashlight's mind at ease.