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General Forum -> arise bonneville?
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2009-03-30 14:14:45
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the Bonneville. it's alive after being dead for many years. took it out for is resurrection voyage last night
to the third ring of hell.

Joel neighbor down the street asked where the landing deck was.
Posted by: mothman
2009-03-30 17:33:03
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in reply to #2128
But can you bring back something bigger?

Like maybe a boat?

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Posted by: Yermo
2009-03-30 17:34:30
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in reply to #2128
We could build a flight deck on a trailer and attach it. You've got a hitch...
Posted by: buffalo
2009-03-30 17:52:28
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in reply to #2128
Well now you've gotta post a pic. Preferably an action shot.

Posted by: Ian
2009-03-30 22:18:27
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in reply to #2131
action you must be kidding
GM engineers got fired if they thought of road feel & handling on one of these full size boats.

ok pics will come as soon as I get some day light.
Posted by: mothman