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General Forum -> YML.COM upgraded to formVista Angry Alpha 1
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2009-06-13 23:06:52
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It almost looks like it only downloaded part of the CSS file or that it somehow choked when parsing it.

I can verfify, with certainty, that there isn't anything wrong with the css for this site and would agree with Yermo that it's probably a FF3 flakout.

As I build more and more CSS sites and develop more intricate layouts I'm finding that Firefox is not necessarily the best browser when it comes to rendering thing properly.

So far, the WebKit browsers seem to be the best. Then FF, then IE.
Posted by: 647
2010-02-24 11:56:17
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in reply to #1788
Feature request: Not sure if you have this on your list or not- but is it possible, when in the forum in an non-logged on state, when you click the login and properly log-in, to be returned to the page you were on when you hit the login link? I find myself clicking into the site but not logged in, and have to navigate back to the original page. Not vital, but definitely an ease-of use type thing.

Also, when I tried to post this the first time, I got this: TypeError: document.forum_post.submit is not a function
Matt Bennett
Austin TX
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Posted by: Matt
2010-02-24 14:22:46
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Oh, wait. I see. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. That is annoying, isn't it?

There are some cases where you'd want to end up on the same page and others where you wouldn't. In this case, where you're on the forum, yea, you'd probably want it to end up back at the forum. But it you're on the home page you'd probably want to end up at some members welcome screen (all this code being generic).

Hmmm. Maybe the forum should host it's own login link, but then I'll have two on the page. Let me think about that, but you're right, there should be a right-here right now kind of login at least as an option.

That's a good idea.
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Posted by: Yermo
2010-02-24 14:24:50
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in reply to #3834
As for the error, it looks like I have a race condition. The javascript submit() function had not loaded yet at the time you pressed submit (or maybe it failed to load in it's entirety).

There's a ridiculous amount of javascript loaded on these pages and I do have some issues I have to track down.

Thanks for reporting that.
Software Developer & Entrepreneur, DTLink Software
Merciless Overlord of YML.COM.
Posted by: Yermo