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General Forum -> Making the Switch to a Standing Desk
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2013-05-15 21:32:05
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I've finally taken the plunge:

Making the Switch

Is anyone else using a standing desk?
Posted by: 647
2013-05-26 01:21:55
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in reply to #6469
I've considered using a standing desk, but I don't think that I would want to ALWAYS stand. A desk that could be moved up and down would be preferable.

I was recently working at a place where the desks could be raised and lowered using electric motors and handy buttons. Pretty fancy and they probably cost a fortune. Manually raising and lowering the desk would be fine.

So would you get a bar stool for the times when you want to take your weight off your feet?
Posted by: Ian
2013-05-28 20:41:21
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A bunch of guys in my office work at a standing desk that is a permanent, non-adjustable set-up and everyone says that after getting used to it they feel much better than sitting.

I've seen a few adjustable desks that have a hand-crank, and even those are about $800. I need to switch my desk at home too as I've already noticed that I get uncomfortable sitting for any more than a few minutes at my terminal.

I'm about two weeks into it and still haven't gotten a proper set of shoes for standing but in general, already feel better.

I'll sit down for meetings and for lunch so I don't end up spending the entire day on my feet.

I'll post some photos of my set-up this week.
Posted by: 647