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  • Worried about the DJIA? Worry about the $2 Trillion Fed Loan Instead
    03/05/2009 9:57PM
    While everyone at the cocktail party bemoans their dwindling 401ks (now dubbed, 201ks), you can set yourself apart and be everyone's Little Miss Sunshine by sharing this update on the Fed's non-transparent (secret) $2 Trillion in loans (the ones that a recent former Federal Reserve official told Flashlight he'd ne ... Read Full Article
  • What will we do with the empty stores?
    02/23/2009 10:56PM
    This retail consultant declares that there will be mounting numbers of emtpy malls and strip centers very soon.  It will be an astonishing change in landscape.  What can be done with these empty buildings?  Will they be torn down and made into parks?  House the homeless?  We should develop a national strategy t ... Read Full Article
  • Congressman Al Grayson (D-FL) Is Paying Attention
    02/22/2009 8:06PM
    It is heartening to know that a freshman Congressman from Florida is paying attention to the $2 trillion in secret Fed lending. He is no ordinary Congressman; he is a highly educated scholar from Harvard with a financial background. (Note, however, th ... Read Full Article
  • Preparing for a Great Depression
    02/22/2009 8:04PM
    If we could know the timing and trajectory of this economic downturn, and if we could know it would become a great depression rather than a recession, how would we prepare? I am interested in your ideas. Here are some ideas that have crossed my mind: ... Read Full Article
  • How Can We Ask Good Questions When the Press Can't
    02/22/2009 8:02PM
    Review this clip from CNBC and you will wade through 4 talking heads and 8 minutes of an interview so poor that it is almost demeaning to CNBC's guests and certainly to you, the viewer. But hang in there until the 9th minute to see surprising responses to a very important question ... Read Full Article
  • Borderline Insolvency vs. Democracy
    02/22/2009 7:57PM
    If you don't know who Nouriel Roubini is, learn. Nouriel Roubini is not a new whole grain at your local food co-op. He is a professor at NYU who uses comprehensive, global data to back his assertions. He has the credibility to point out that even with current injections, our banki ... Read Full Article
  • The Fed's Two Trillion Dollar Loan Begat This Blog
    02/22/2009 7:32PM
    We've learned much from this financial crisis. And we've learned what we still do not know. Not knowing where to begin, I will begin in the middle. Bloomberg has sued the Federal Reserve, asking that the recipients of two trillion dollars of loans be revealed. The Fed has so far refused to release this information ... Read Full Article