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  • Who needs a "smart home" anyway?
    10/03/2004 2:06PM

    Are Microsoft and Intel partly to blame for the decline in the tech sector? John Dvorak thinks so, check this out:

    I don't know if that's the cause, but he does make a good point about the so-called "smart home". Even the most tech-savvy people I know still don't hook every single thing in their house up to their computer, they have better things to do and so do I. I kind of thought it was a silly idea when I first heard it, so thanks to John Dvorak for confirming that for me.

  • Know Your Camera
    10/03/2004 2:04PM
    Here's a good intro to digital cameras, from PC Magazine.
  • Global Warming Expected to Intensify Hurricanes
    10/02/2004 3:10PM
    From Slashdot:

    "Think this hurricane season was bad? Well according to the New York Times, a study was published online on Tuesday by The Journal of Climate indicating that warming ocean temperatures are going to make for stronger, wetter hurricanes in the coming years and decades. An abstract of the article concludes cheerfully enough that 'greenhouse gas-induced warming may lead to a gradually increasing risk in the occurrence of highly destructive category-5 storms.' Oh joy."
  • Transferring Domain Hosts to godaddy.com
    10/02/2004 2:05PM
    yml.com is now transferred to godaddy.com.

    yml.com hosts my nameservers.

    The nameserver host settings did not transfer however ... and there was no clear indication to this effect (at least not to me).

    It turns out if you transfer a domain that hosts some of your own dns servers, you need to separately use their "Domain Host Summary" (on the bottom right of Manage Domains) to list out your name servers manually.

    This is the modern analog to the old Internic Register DNS Host email form.

  • Dangerous Ruling Menaces Rights of Free Software Programmers
    10/02/2004 2:05PM

    As mentioned at eff.org

    Contract and Copyright Trump Fair Use and Competition in BnetD Case

    St. Louis - Fair use was dealt a harsh blow today in a Federal Court decision that held that programmers are not allowed to create free software designed to work with commercial products. At issue in the case was whether three software programmers who created the BnetD game server -- which interoperates with Blizzard video games online -- were in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and Blizzard Games' end user license agreement (EULA).

    BnetD is an open source program that lets gamers play popular Blizzard titles like Warcraft with other gamers on servers that don't belong to Blizzard's Battle.net service. Blizzard argued that the programmers who wrote BnetD violated the DMCA's anti-circumvention provisions and that the programmers also violated several parts of Blizzard's EULA, including a section on reverse engineering.

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), co-counsel for the defendants, argued that programming and distributing BnetD was fair use. The programmers reverse-engineered Battle.net purely to make their free product work with it, not to violate copyright.

    EFF Staff Attorney Jason Schultz said, "Consumers have a right to choose where and when they want to use the products they buy. This ruling gives Blizzard the ability to force you to use their servers whether you want to or not. Copyright law was meant to promote competition and creative alternatives, not suppress them."

    EFF will appeal the case, challenging the court's ruling that creating alternative platforms for legitimately purchased content can be outlawed.