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  • So "Buy it Now" is "patented".
    03/11/2006 11:50AM
    Another day, another patent atrocity: "The federal government yesterday took a position against eBay Inc. in a patent dispute that threatens to shut down one of the online auction site's popular shopping features.The Office of the Solicitor General said in a brief filed with the Supreme Court that eBay willfu ... Read Full Article
  • I kid you not, there is actually a company that has patented a THOUGHT.
    03/19/2006 5:41PM
    There are simply no words to describe this stupidity: "... there is the rather bizarre question of whether simply thinking about a patented fact infringes the patent. The idea smacks of thought control, to say nothing of unenforceability. It seems like something out of a novel by Philip K. Dick or Kafka. Bu ... Read Full Article
  • Patently Ridiculous
    03/22/2006 1:48PM
    In the New York Times someone has noticed: "Something has gone very wrong with the United States patent system. Americans think of the granting of patents as a benevolent process that lets inventors enjoy the fruits of their hard work and innovations. But times have changed. The definition of what is patentab ... Read Full Article
  • Patent Fiasco before the Supreme Court
    03/30/2006 8:42AM
    As reported by the Washington Post: "The case puts a spotlight on the nation's troubled patent system, which recent studies by the National Academy of Sciences and the Federal Trade Commission have described as plagued by questionable patents and costly litigation." You can read [the full sad story ... Read Full Article
  • Blackboard Inc patents concept of E-Learning
    08/28/2006 12:53PM
    At least the fiasco is making the main stream press more and more. This reporter seems to get it to some degree. "It may seem self-evident that virtual classrooms should closely resemble real ones. But a major education software company contends it wasn't always so obvious. And now, in a move that has shaken ... Read Full Article
  • Book: An Argument Against Software Patents
    10/30/2006 2:45PM
    As reviewed on slashdot, a book that I will have to read: " ... he keeps the theory pretty simple: patents are supposed to maximize the size of the market. If nobody is providing a good, patents should induce somebody to provide, but if many people are providing the good, then a good patent regime shouldn't d ... Read Full Article
  • Buying Into Patent Lawsuits
    05/03/2007 12:16PM
    A glimmer of hope from the WashingtonPost: "The most grating fact about many of these lawsuits is that they were brought by companies with little or no record of doing much with their patented innovations. It can seem that patent lawsuits are the last refuge of the incompetent -- and an annoyingly effective ... Read Full Article