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  • Demo Article
    12/30/2004 3:56PM
    Just demo'ing the CLOG for Lance. here's the body of the article. ... Read Full Article
  • FireFox fonts suck under RH9 w/ LCD Monitor.
    12/26/2004 9:05PM
    As I've seen with a number of apps, if you don't have xft support fonts looks like crap under Mozilla and Firefox. Under RedHat 9, to get decent looking fonts on my particular LCD monitor setup (SAMSUNG SyncMaster 192T) I compiled firefox from source. They use this .mozconfig setup so instead of adding options to ... Read Full Article
  • Compiling FireFox 1.0 from source under RedHat Linux
    12/26/2004 8:52PM
    This one took a bit to figure out. It looks like firefox and mozilla share the same source tree. If you just do the normal configure, make you'll get errors like ../../toolkit/locales/en-US/chrome/necko/contents.rdf' doesn't exist after quite a bit of compiling. Some sites suggest doing a LANGUAS=en prior t ... Read Full Article
  • NVIDIA and Linux Kernel 2.6.10
    12/26/2004 4:46PM
    There's an issue with the current (2004-12-26) Nvidia drives and the 2.6.10 Linux kernel that was just released. More details and patches available at: [**1.0-6629 x86/x86-64 and Linux 2.6.10**][1] [1]: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showpost.php?s=022897ba538542e3b5ab1fdaf80a7993&p=502849&postcount=1 ... Read Full Article
  • FAQ - Redhat-9, DBD and Mysql
    12/22/2004 2:40PM
    To get DBD to compile under RedHat 9 you need to do an unset LANG before generating the makefile as in: unset LANG; perl Makefile.PL; make test; make install otherwise you'll get errors like: "Unsuccessful stat on filename containing newline at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0/ExtUtils/Liblist/Kid.pm line 97 ... Read Full Article
  • Torvalds: A Solaris skeptic
    12/21/2004 12:54PM
    An excellent with Linus Torvalds tangentially about Solaris but more about development processes and environments. When this man speaks, listen. ... Read Full Article
  • Mozilla Text Field Bug Workaround
    12/19/2004 12:28PM
    Have you ever noticed that sometimes you can't select the address bar text or enter text in fields on web pages?  This is a bug I've noticed in mozilla across all platforms, and here's the work-around All you need to do is go to: File/New/New Navigator Window For some reason, openning a new window clears up t ... Read Full Article
  • PHP vulnerability found - upgrade to 4.3.10
    12/18/2004 4:10PM
    Check out the advisory at: There are a number of recently discovered vulnerabilities that can be exploited by a remote attacker. The recommendation is to upgrade to the latest version of PHP (4.3.10 for the 4.X series) ... Read Full Article
  • FTC Issues Final Rule Defining What Constitutes a “Commercial Electronic Mail Message”
    12/17/2004 8:56PM
    For anyone who uses email to stay in touch with customers the FTC CAN-SPAM act may apply to you. New report is available at: ... Read Full Article
  • clog image upload problem
    12/17/2004 5:10PM
    http://yml.com/Login/Post_Article.html When you try to add an image using the browse function in Image input below you get the following error . . . **formVista Component ERROR** /usr/local/WWW/yml.com/html/icms//fvml/clog_list.fvml at line 71 Component 'clog_list' of type 'list' [base.php at line 678 ( ... Read Full Article
  • mobie_0.8.0.5_bugs
    12/17/2004 5:09PM
    Current BugList for the mobie_0.8.0.x release. See comments. ... Read Full Article
  • MOBIE CLOG Suggestions
    12/16/2004 5:10PM
    * add user profiles * add user selectable email notification * more human friendly author strings (instead of yml\_at\_yml_com encoded * email addresses.) Possibly provide an ability to use aliases * "perma-link" encoding of URL string for articles, possibly * using a separate page ... Read Full Article
  • Lawsuit: Software should not be copyrighted
    12/14/2004 12:36PM
    From the Trying Really Hard to Destroy the Software Industry department an [article][1] at news.com reports: "Computer software should not be protected by copyright laws designed for music, literature and other creative works, according to a lawsuit filed in a U.S. court in San Francisco. Intellectual-pr ... Read Full Article
  • MOBIE installed.
    12/13/2004 7:52PM
    MOBIE has been installing YML.COM. This release primarily features some bugfixes to the CLOG and RSS support. * Last update is now displayed first. * Comments link now links to the comments section at the bottom of the * detail page. * posting comments from the list now works. ... Read Full Article
  • Per request - repost of 2003 Easter Fire Pictures
    12/13/2004 3:18PM
    I had inadvertently deleted the albums I had on yml.com when I moved everything over to the MOBIE backend. Per request, here's a repost of the [2003 Easter Fire neophoto album][1]. [1]: http://www.yml.com/uploaded_html/albums/easterfire2003 "EasterFire" ... Read Full Article
  • BZFlag goes Platinum
    12/11/2004 3:46PM
    *An [article][1] over at slashdot announces: "A little over [four years][2] after moving to [SourceForge][3] at a current rate of [several hundred][4] downloads every day, [BZFlag][5] has finally "[gone platinum][6]". With over 1,000,000 SourceForge downloads, BZFlag looks to be the [third game][7] (fo ... Read Full Article
  • How to Fix U.S. Patents
    12/10/2004 12:58AM
    From an [article][1] at slashdot: *"IEEE Spectrum has an interesting article on [how to fix the U.S. patent system][2]. It starts with an example of how broken the system is, with Smuckers suing a small company for crustless PB&J. It has a great overview of how the system has evolved and how much it favors the b ... Read Full Article
  • Green Roof FAQ
    12/09/2004 6:42PM
    Green roofs on commercial buildings offer substantial economic, environmental, and aesthetic benefits. Check out the [FAQs][1] for yourself. In light of the greenhous gas problem and [recently released climate change studies][2], this kind of technology is likely to become far more necessary and critical to the o ... Read Full Article
  • CLOG v 0.8 bugs and suggestions.
    12/09/2004 4:41PM
    I've created Admin->Bugs and Admin->Suggestions categories. It'll be alot easier for me if we keep suggestions and bug reports here on the clog. YML.COM is, after all, pretty much a test site. So far from me and Anatoly: * Right now in Thunderbird all articles come up as from * "anonymous"; you s ... Read Full Article
  • Human Task Switches Considered Harmful
    12/09/2004 11:06AM
    I was just reminded of this [great article][1] by Joel Spolsky. Yermo always talks about task switching overhead and how long it takes a person to get back "into the groove" after being interrupted. So this article is just another data point. [1]: http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/fog0000000022.html " ... Read Full Article
  • Announcing a Major Upgrade to YML.COM!
    12/09/2004 1:38AM
    After more hours than I care to think about, I have finally checked in and put together a release of the latest MOBIE and formVista code. This update involves more than 1100 files, most on the backend you guys don't see but many that do involve the front end. This code, as you can see by the new look, is now installed ... Read Full Article
  • Global Warming: A Perspective from Earth History
    12/07/2004 6:18PM
    For a non-trival doom and gloom perspective read the [article][1] from the University of Leicester: "Global climate change is increasingly recognised as the key threat to the continued development – and even survival - of humanity. Here, we give the context obtained from earth history, as the pattern of global en ... Read Full Article
  • Linux-PVR Distribution LinVDR 0.7 Released
    12/07/2004 11:33AM
    An [article][1] over at Slashdot reports: *"LinVDR is a very small Linux distribution turning your normal PC with a DVB video card into a rather cool personal video recorder (PVR). 'The Busybox based system requires less than 128 MB disk space and is [shipped ][2] as compressed bootable CD image (31 MB) with an easy ... Read Full Article
  • Web services patents fetch $15.5 million
    12/07/2004 9:14AM
    As a followup to an earlier story, and [article][1] over at news.com says: "The patents cover a set of key technical protocols known as Web services, a popular method for exchanging business documents over the Internet. The protocols are in wide use today; Microsoft, IBM and other software companies both large and sm ... Read Full Article
  • Red Hat, Novell To Package Xen
    12/02/2004 9:01PM
    From the this would be too cool for words department, an article at Slashdot reports: *"Watch out VMware and Microsoft. Here comes [Xen][1], an open-source virtualization for the Linux environment being pushed by Red Hat and Novell. Xen has also joined forces with leading Linux distributors, chip vendors and pla ... Read Full Article