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  • YML.COM Upgrade Mostly Finished
    02/20/2009 7:52PM

    Finally! After just six days shy of 1 year,  I have an alpha test release of my business web platform software, formVista, completed and have actually managed to upgrade YML.COM.


    The new software includes a bunch of new features and improvements and, undoubtedly, quite a few new bugs.

    Key new features include:

    1. Member Features
      1. completely revamped login, account, profile system which also includes a complete private web messaging system which you can access from the Msgs link in the upper right hand corner.
      2. You can now send private messages through the website to other members.
      3. Notifications generated by the website will be listed in your notifications tab in your account (see Msgs link in the upper right after you have logged in)
      4. there is now a real members database which you can search.
      5. there is now a concept of "Watching" a thing, such as a blog article, forum or thread. If you click "Watch" and set it to "on" you will be notified immediately whenever a post is made.
      6. You can control your notifications through the Settings Link in the upper right.
      7. You can also control some basic privacy settings through the same settings link.
      8. YML.COM now supports social networking style friends lists although it's in its early stages. You can invite members to become friends.
      9. If you invite someone from outside of YML.COM to join us here, once they join, they will automatically be included in your friends list.

    2. New Blog
      1. the Blog has been completely rewritten to look more like a blog and now has a convenient category, month, year and page index making finding articles much easier.
      2. blog article comments now work correctly and you will receive a notification if anyone posts to your article or if you've posted a comment and anyone else posts a comments.
      3. blogs support saving of drafts which can be recalled later.
      4. a new version of the WYSIWYG htmleditor is included which should work in most modern browsers.
      5. You can select to "watch" a blog and be notified of any activity in the blog.
      6. Blog articles now update the title and include permalinks.

    3. New Forum
      1. the forum supports POSTING OF IMAGES and YOUTUBE VIDEO inline! (Yes, Micro, I thought of you when I built. Everyone else, be afraid, very afriad)
      2. the forum has been completely rewritten. It will now send you a notification, through private web messages, each time a post is made to a thread that you have posted to.
      3. Forums also support the "watch" feature.
      4. Forums now support a wide set of emoticons. I'll post a list of abbrevations somewhere.
      5. supports permalinks.
      6. You can now quote messages inline when replying to them.

    4. Member Photos
      1. The shared photos component has been improved and now supports posting of comments
    There are endless changes under the hood of this monstrosity. Something to keep in mind is that this site has been assembled completely inside a web browser. Other than installing the software, everything else done to put this site together was done in a browser.

    Getting the popup dialogs, drop out calendars, inline text image uploading, etc to work for a majority of current browsers has been very painful.

    So this is where YOU come in. If you would, please let me know if you get any weird error messages, notice any strange behavior, if things are unclear. If you can post your thoughts in the forum but if for some reason that doesn't work just use the Contact Yermo link at the top.

    There is still a large amount of work for me to do but YML.COM will be getting alot of attention in the coming weeks.

  • First Jet Flies Powered By Algal Fuel
    01/09/2009 3:56PM
    Algae makes far more sense than any other source for transportation fuels (given its 30:1 yield advantage over any other biofuel crop) so this is big news.

    Aside from being carbon neutral, algal sourced fuels carry the additional benefit of not competing with food crops for arable land.

    Get the details here.
  • Instruction for installing OpenOffice 3 under Kubuntu 8.10
    01/01/2009 12:49PM
    I came across this article which outlines the few steps necessary to upgrade the stock OpenOffice installation that comes with Kubuntu 8.10 to OpenOffice 3.


    In order for it to run you must remove the package openoffice.org-kde, otherwise it will crash on startup. You can use the Synaptic Package Manager to find and remove that package.

    Here's more information on the issue:



    Unfortunately, all the mirrors no longer have the file they mention, so for now (1 Jan 2009) the only fix I know of is to remove the kde integration package. OO will look ugly but it seems to work.

  • Kubuntu 8.10 Firefox 3.0.5 rendering artifacts bug
    12/30/2008 7:03PM
    I just upgraded my Kubuntu 8.0.4 desktop to the latest 8.10 Intrepid release. FireFox 3.0.5 and all other GTK based apps are having serious rendering issues and leaving artifacts.

    After alot of searching, I've found a bug report for it:


    A forum thread on the subject:


    As a workaround in Kubuntu go to->

    K-Start -> System -> System Settings -> Appearance -> GTK Styles and Fonts

    Select "Use another style" and set it to "Raleigh".

    Seems to cause FireFox to behave better.

  • Another test
    12/01/2008 1:17PM
    another test