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  • A Triumph! (albeit minor)
    03/28/2005 11:44PM
    I have been managing internet connected servers since 1992. Between kernel upgrades, hardware changes and tripping over the !@$#$@!# power cord after 355 days of uptime, I've never had a server run for an entire year between reboots.

    So today is a truly glorious day:

    [root@dns1]# uptime
     11:38pm  up 365 days, 55 min,  4 users,  load average: 0.03, 0.04, 0.00

    (And yes Duncan we're all very proud of you and your !@#$!@#$ 700 days of uptime.)
  • Patent Insanity Slams the PS2
    03/28/2005 11:10AM
    Yet another example of patent extortion.  This time Sony is looking at a $90 million dollar hit.

  • Hatch to Head Senate Panel on Copyright
    03/17/2005 5:05PM
    From the "could it get any worse" department, more doom and gloom as reported by the Washingtonpost.com:

    This is very bad news; the intellectual property laws in this country continue to be severely skewed in favor of a small irrelevant industry at the expense of the far greater good. While unpaid downloading of copyrighted entertainment works is clearly an evil; taking the kinds of punitive approaches to the problem that these idiots favor contain unexpected side-effects that do nothing but make America less competitive and provide an opening for other countries to eat our lunch. A regime that childishly suppresses the free flow of ideas cannot sustain a world leadership position.

    In a nutshell - punitive draconian copyright and patent laws == some other country invents fusion, cures aids, lands on mars, ...

    If you don't understand why these are obvious consequences, you need to do some reading, reading and more reading.
  • MOBIE installed on YML.COM
    03/17/2005 4:44PM
    MOBIE has been installed on YML.COM. It integrates the new Xinha editor. For those of you who post articles to the clog you'll also notice that you can also upload in-line graphics and that there's a spellchecker now.

    More information available on the mobie.biz site.

    There's a small stylesheet bug when you edit that changes the appearance of the pages when the editor is loaded. That will be fixed in the .19 release.
  • The First Fuel Cell Powered Motorcycle
    03/17/2005 1:08PM
    The ENV motorcyle has a top speed of 50 MPH (expected to reach 100 MPH with some additional refinement). Power is provided by a hydrogen fuel cell which will currently power the bike for 4 hours. After a 5 minute refueling, it's back on the road.

    It's so quiet (about as loud as the average PC), that the manufacturer is exploring ways of adding some kind of engine noise generating equipment to the bike for safety reasons.

    Get the details here.