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  • Another reason I won't buy a new car.
    09/13/2006 10:14PM
    According to the Washington Post: "The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is set to announce a preliminary regulation requiring electronic stability control technology on all new vehicles." .... "Stability control systems use electronic sensors linked to onboard computers to detect steer ... Read Full Article
  • Foreclosures spiked in August
    09/13/2006 11:39AM
    According to CNN: "NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- The number of homes entering into some stage of foreclosure is surging, according to a survey released Wednesday." Read the [full article at cnn.com][1]. [1]: http://money.cnn.com/2006/09/13/real_estate/foreclosures_spiking/index.htm?cnn=yes ... Read Full Article
  • Earth-like planets may actually be common
    09/10/2006 6:56PM
    According to CCNews: "More than one-third of the giant planet systems recently detected outside our solar system may harbor Earth-like planets covered in deep global oceans that offer abundant potential for life, according to a new study by two scientists from Penn State and one from the University of Colorad ... Read Full Article
  • More on Compact Fluorescents
    08/29/2006 5:35PM
    According to slashdot: *"if every one of 110 million American households bought just one [CFL], took it home, and screwed it in the place of an ordinary 60-watt bulb, the energy saved would be enough to power a city of 1.5 million people. One bulb swapped out, enough electricity saved to power all the homes i ... Read Full Article
  • USB drive security vulnerability
    08/29/2006 1:19PM
    Something to be concerned about if you ever plug your USB drives into a foreign computer: "A perverse hacker friend of mine has written a clever yet scaring Windows utility. Each time a USB key is inserted into his computer, the whole content of the key is silently dumped and stored on the machine. It doesn’t ... Read Full Article
  • Blackboard Inc patents concept of E-Learning
    08/28/2006 12:53PM
    At least the fiasco is making the main stream press more and more. This reporter seems to get it to some degree. "It may seem self-evident that virtual classrooms should closely resemble real ones. But a major education software company contends it wasn't always so obvious. And now, in a move that has shaken ... Read Full Article
  • "Tiered" domain name pricing?
    08/25/2006 1:21PM
    Firmly in the doom and gloom category, as reported by [Slashdot.org][1]: *"As reported on CircleID, Vint Cerf has confirmed that [ICANN's new contracts for the .org/.biz/.info domain prices can be tiered][2], so that google.biz could cost $1 million per year, while sex.biz could cost $100,000/year. This is ve ... Read Full Article
  • Car Data Recorders - Another Reason Not to Buy a New Car
    08/21/2006 2:50PM
    These things are a boon for litigation attorneys: **"**The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has passed a regulation requiring car makers to inform customers when their car has been equipped with an Event Data Recorder, the agency said Monday. EDRs, similar to "black boxes" used in comme ... Read Full Article
  • Risky Mortgages
    08/19/2006 1:03PM
    According to the Washington Post: "The loans under scrutiny include interest-only mortgages and "option" mortgages, in which borrowers decide each month how much to repay. Because monthly payments are lower than with traditional fixed-rate mortgages, borrowers can buy more expensive houses. In the p ... Read Full Article
  • CERT article on mitigating XSS attacks.
    08/14/2006 3:32PM
    There has been a drastic increase in Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks of late. Here's an excellent article by CERT on how you can avoid them: [http://www.cert.org/tech\_tips/malicious\_code_mitigation.html][1] More information on XSS attacks can be found here: Read Full Article
  • Greening of Chicago Starts at the Top Floor
    08/10/2006 9:47AM
    This is a topic I've been thinking about alot recently. Global warming researchers seem to focus exclusively on CO2 concentrations. Few people are talking about localized warming due to the effects of all this tar, asphalt and concrete. It seems to me that in addition to sequestering CO2, planting trees and other gree ... Read Full Article
  • Contaminated Chesapeake Beaches and Water
    08/03/2006 1:11AM
    More doom and gloom. According to the Washington Post: "Dirty water and contaminated fish in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries pose a public health threat, but spotty monitoring and tourism industry worries can block the public from learning the full picture, health experts say.Millions of people swim, b ... Read Full Article
  • Amazon Deforestation == Global Catastrophe?
    08/02/2006 6:26PM
    In the "the end of the world is closer than we think sub-category of doom and gloom" , Lance came across this article today: MANAUS - Deep in the heart of the world's greatest rainforest, a nine-day journey by boat from the sea, Otavio Luz Castello is anxiously watching the soft waters ... Read Full Article
  • Limiting SSH connections using IPTABLES under Linux
    07/07/2006 5:10PM
    If you're running a later linux kernel, here's a link to an article describing how to use iptables to limit the number of SSH connections to your box in a given period of time: I have not tried this yet. ... Read Full Article
  • Bad bad bad news ... Human Bird Flu Transmission Is Proven in Indonesia
    06/23/2006 12:33PM
    In the "oh, now this is bad" category: "Bird flu was spread directly between members of an Indonesian family in the first laboratory-confirmed case of human-to-human transmission of the lethal virus, a World Health Organization official said." Full [article at bloomberg.][1] [1]: http:// ... Read Full Article
  • Overly Sanitized Environments Lead to Poor Health?
    06/19/2006 4:12PM
    *"A recently-released study examined the [health implications of living in an overly hygienic environment][1]. According to the 'hygiene hypothesis,' living in such an environment early in life can lead to problems with allergies and autoimmune diseases. The study compared lab rodents with rats and mice living in ... Read Full Article
  • Qmqtool: Queue Maintenance Tool For Qmail
    06/15/2006 3:18PM
    An excellent [tool][1] for dealing with queue clogging, examining queue content, troubleshooting, etc.. Highly recommended. [1]: http://jeremy.kister.net/code/qmqtool/ ... Read Full Article
  • Study Says Coffee Protects Against Cirrhosis
    06/14/2006 10:27AM
    As reported on slashdot: *"Good news for those who like both coffee and alcohol. In a recent study of more than 125,000 people an Oakland, CA medical team found that consuming coffee seems to help [protect against alcoholic cirrhosis][1]. The study was done based on people enrolled in a private northern Calif ... Read Full Article
  • Building Items
    06/13/2006 1:14AM
    Here are some photos of some of the iron/steel work and other misc materials in the building that have to be cleared out. We're currently looking at some salvage companies that may be interested in taking this stuff off my hands: [Photos of Building Items.][1] [1]: /uploaded_html/albums/buildingitems ... Read Full Article
  • Later sendmail and forward to programs
    06/02/2006 12:31PM
    Having not done any sendmail hacking in some years, I was puzzled to find that forwards via .forward files to programs no longer work. I figured it was some new security thing. It turns out that in order for a forward to a program to be accepted you must symlink the executable in question to the /etc/smrsh directo ... Read Full Article
  • 2006 Blue Ridge Parkway and Deal's Gap Trip Photos
    05/24/2006 11:43PM
    I've put up photos of my trip with Ian down the Blue Ridge Parkway and through Deal's Gap. [Photos are here.][1] [1]: /uploaded_html/albums/dealsgap2006 ... Read Full Article
  • Kia Diesel Minivan: Why Not In the US?
    05/18/2006 1:50PM
    On a recent trip to the UK, I had the unexpected pleasure of driving a Kia Sedona 7 passenger minivan with a 2.9 litre, 16 valve turbodiesel engine. The fit and finish of the van were excellent, as was power, drivability and fuel economy. While driving the van heavily loaded with 6 passengers and way too muc ... Read Full Article
  • Mercedes Smart Car Finally Available In US
    05/18/2006 1:24PM
    ...but NOT through Mercedes. Rather, ZAPcars has become a direct importer for the cars and has the exclusive ten year distribution rights in the US. Only the gas two door version will be available in the US; you'll have to gray market a diesel model from Canada if you want one, and forget the four door model. The ... Read Full Article
  • Using your Treo 700w as a modem
    05/11/2006 10:51AM
    If you have a Treo 700w or some other Windows Mobile 5 device, you will doubtlessly want to connect your laptop through it. Verizon has turned this capability off. To work around this problem take a look at a package called [pdanet][1]. Works like a champ. [1]: http://www.junefabrics.com/pdanet/ ... Read Full Article
  • Buffet speaks on the Real Estate Bubble and Mortage Financing
    05/07/2006 8:35AM
    As reported by cnn.com: **Buffett:** "Dumb lending always has its consequences. It's like a disease that doesn't manifest itself for a few weeks, like an epidemic that doesn't show up until it's too late to stop it Any developer will build anything he can borrow against. If you look at the 10Ks that are getti ... Read Full Article