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  • Finally! Someone in the main stream pressed has noticed. BlackBerry Lawsuit Is Patently Absurd
    02/25/2006 10:09AM
    As /FINALLY/ reported by the Washington Post (on the front cover no doubt): "A jury found RIM guilty of patent infringement back in 2002, and the judge said that's all that really matters in deciding a penalty -- even if NTP is in no position to offer a replacement service to BlackBerry users. This is the kind ... Read Full Article
  • Florida Vote Irregularities
    02/24/2006 12:28PM
    As reported on slashdot: *"Having 'successfully sued former Palm Beach County (FL) Supervisor of Elections Theresa LePore to get the audit records for the 2004 presidential election,' Black Box Voting reports that the 'internal logs of at least 40 Sequoia touch-screen voting machines reveal that votes were ti ... Read Full Article
  • National Harbor Touts Bookings
    02/24/2006 12:22PM
    In an issue that is strangely relevant in my life at the moment: "Advance booking for rooms and convention facilities at Gaylord Hotels' $850 million National Harbor development in Prince George's County, which is scheduled to open in 2008, have surpassed pre-construction contracts signed at its other locatio ... Read Full Article
  • Virus Found in Prostate Cancer Patients
    02/24/2006 12:18PM
    As reported by that Washington Post: "The virus, closely related to one previously found only in mice, was found in cancerous prostates removed from men with a certain genetic defect. The researchers, with the University of California, San Francisco and the Cleveland Clinic, warn that they have not discovered ... Read Full Article
  • Oceans May Soon Be More Corrosive Than When The Dinosaurs Died
    02/21/2006 8:41PM
    As reported by Science Daily: "Increased carbon dioxide emissions are rapidly making the world's oceans more acidic and, if unabated, could cause a mass extinction of marine life similar to one that occurred 65 million years ago when the dinosaurs disappeared. Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institution's Departm ... Read Full Article
  • Erlang Mysql Support links.
    02/20/2006 2:48PM
    For lack of a better place to put them, it looks like the subversion version of Ejabberd now has native Mysql support but requires a patch to erlang: Process one bug entry: [ https://support.process-one.net/doc/display/CONTRIBS/Yxa][1] mentioned on th ... Read Full Article
  • US Currency Devaluation
    02/20/2006 1:07PM
    An article on the problems associated with the large trade deficit: "Miami economist Manuel Lasaga, who burnished his University of Pennsylvania doctorate in economics with a stint at Citibank renegotiating the Latin-American debt in the 1980s, shares few characteristics with Chicken Little, who always warned ... Read Full Article
  • Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory!
    02/17/2006 2:09PM
    Lindsey Jacobellis, crashes while hot-dogging a jump in the women's snowboard cross Olympic final.  Evidently, she was way ahead and did some sort of trick on one of the final jumps causing her to crash.  She wasn't able to recover and get back up to speed in time and ended up taking Silver. A good example of ho ... Read Full Article
  • Greenland Glaciers Melting Faster than Expected
    02/17/2006 12:21AM
    As reported by the Washington Post: "Greenland's glaciers are melting into the sea twice as fast as previously believed, the result of a warming trend that renders obsolete predictions of how quickly Earth's oceans will rise over the next century, scientists said yesterday. The new data come from satellite imag ... Read Full Article
  • Dodged a bullet! Oracle bid to purchase Mysql
    02/16/2006 10:29AM
    From the "Oh this would have been !@##@! terrible! department" (reported on slashdot): * "CNet is reporting on a recent [Oracle bid for open-source database MySQL][1]. They were unsuccessful."* From the article: *"'It all comes back to the question of cannibalizing an existing business,' O ... Read Full Article
  • Memory Usage under Linux
    02/06/2006 11:29AM
    Since this is a frequent question I get, here's a good article on memory usage under Linux ... Read Full Article
  • VMWare GSX Server for Free!?
    02/03/2006 12:50PM
    Very cool news reported by Slashdot: *"CNET News.com is reporting that in the face of increasing competition in the OS virtualization market VMWare is going to [give away its GSX server product for free][1], in the hope that customers who try it will eventually migrate to the more powerful ESX server. The com ... Read Full Article
  • Last of NTP patents tentatively thrown out
    02/02/2006 11:44AM
    As reported by slashdot: *Reuters reports that [the fifth NTP patent has been rejected][1]. What does it say about the US Patent office and software patents that these patents have made it through trials, appeals, etc and only now has the Patent Office decided they weren't any good in the first place?"* From ... Read Full Article
  • It's not that I'm a pessimist, really - global warming more serious than thought
    01/30/2006 12:42PM
    From slashdot: *A UK govt report says that [greenhouse gases may have more serious impacts][1] that previously thought. Greenhouse gases it says, is causing global warming at a rate that is unsustainable. From BBC: The European Union has adopted a target of preventing a rise in global average temperature of more t ... Read Full Article
  • Patently Absurd
    01/29/2006 4:45PM
    As reported by Slashdot: *"The Globe and Mail has published an article titled [Patently Absurd, detailing the whole history of the RIM vs. NTP wireless war][1]. It is a blow by blow account of how a dispute that could have been settled for a few million dollars is now 'a billion-dollar dagger hanging over RIM ... Read Full Article
  • South River and Catfish skin cancer
    01/25/2006 9:57PM
    A very disturbing article from the Washington Post: "Catfish from Maryland's South River have a skin cancer rate as high as any found in the nation and the second-highest liver cancer rate in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, and both are probably caused by polluted runoff, a study released yesterday says." ... Read Full Article
  • When you need to move IP addresses - rinetd.
    01/19/2006 11:51PM
    If you ever have the situation where you are transitioning from one block of IP addresses to another because you are changing ISP's and you want to keep all of your services up and running while your domain name changes propagate check out: rinetd - I tried for hours to see i ... Read Full Article
  • UK Judge: Who needs software patents?
    01/16/2006 1:41PM
    As reported by slashdot:* "C|Net has a surprising [story][1] about a seminar given by a top judge at the U.K.'s Court of Appeal who specializes in intellectual-property law. According to the article, he has "questioned whether software patents should be granted, and has criticized the U.S. for allowing & ... Read Full Article
  • Examples of how NOT to treat clients . . .
    01/13/2006 11:58PM
    This is one of those, "Wow, aren't clients stupid" websites, and contains not only a ton of example of exactly how ***not*** to treat your clients but also illustrates a number of ways that you can miss opportunities to upsell and make more money. ... Read Full Article
  • Warming Tied To Extinction Of Frog Species
    01/12/2006 12:10PM
    As reported by the washington post: "Rising temperatures are responsible for pushing dozens of frog species over the brink of extinction in the past three decades, according to findings being reported today by a team of Latin American and U.S. scientists." Amphibians are the earths canary. Read the full ... Read Full Article
  • How To Convert Greenhouse Emissions To Fuel
    01/11/2006 4:47PM
    As reported in the Christian Science Monitor, USA Today, /. and elsewhere, a number of companies are now working on algae based systems that will convert smokestack greenhouse gases into algae with high oil concentrations (50% by weight). The algae is then converted in to Biodiesel and ethanol, after reducing CO2 ... Read Full Article
  • Fire Up The Warp Drive Scotty!
    01/06/2006 12:54AM
    As reported in The Scotsman, Slashdot and elsewhere, scientists are in fact working on a magnetic drive that could reduce a trip to mars to about 3 hours, or an 11 light year trip in 80 days. A working model may be ready for testing in 5 years, and NASA, the USAF and DOE have all expressed continuing interest. Ge ... Read Full Article
  • VW To Offer Marine Diesel Engines In the US
    01/05/2006 5:38PM
    VW is now distributing diesel marine engines through Ring Power of Florida, a marine diesel distribution company. The motors are available for I/O, Inboard and Saildrive configurations. Get the details [here.][1] [1]: http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=2373532 ... Read Full Article
  • The Patent Epidemic
    01/03/2006 4:16PM
    As reported on Slashdot: *"BusinessWeek is running an editorial titled [The Patent Epidemic][1], which chronicles not only how abusive and absurd our patent system has become for software and business method patents, but how it hurts even traditionally innovative fields such as the automobile industry. Intere ... Read Full Article