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  • Blue Angels Over Annapolis
    09/14/2004 12:24AM
    Every year the Blue Angels fly for the Naval Academy graduation in Annapolis Maryland. [NeoPhoto][1] album is [here][2] [1]: http://www.neophoto.com [2]: /uploaded_html/albums/blue_angels ... Read Full Article
  • Where The Cheap SCSI Drives Are
    09/13/2004 2:08PM
    NEVER pay retail for SCSI Drives! I use: * AC Micro in Beltsville: [www.acmicro.com][1] You can mail order from * them, or pick up at their retail space, though you gotta call first to make * sure they'll be there. * Computer Giants: [www.computergiants.com][2] You can search their site * by a numb ... Read Full Article
  • Finally. The CLog is live.
    09/13/2004 2:07PM
    The first alpha version of the Clog is now live. The Clog, for lack of a better name, is a multi-user categorized blogging/article posting/knowledge base system. Think of it as a simple [Slashdot][1] geared towards small groups of people with similar interests. In some ways it's similar to my company's [An ... Read Full Article
  • Asterisk PBX: Basic Setup So Far
    09/13/2004 1:50PM
    Building "Asterisk", a free linux only software PBX system is pretty straightforward--so far...So far, all I had to do was grab the source from: You can obtain the source via CVS, but I've never bothered to screw with CVS. I just pulled the .tar.gz source and built it on a sto ... Read Full Article
  • PHP 4.3.8 - undefined reference to `gdFreeFontCache'
    09/13/2004 12:25AM
    I wanted to get the GIF support present in GD 2.0.28. However under RedHat Linux 6.2, compiling PHP 4.3.8 will fail with a undefined reference to `gdFreeFontCache' error when using GD-2.0.28. Use PHP 4.3.9RC2 or later. It has GD 2.0.28 bundled with it and compiles like a champ. This little problem represent ... Read Full Article
  • Battle of Wesnoth 0.8.4 Released
    09/12/2004 11:17PM
    As mentioned on [Linuxgames.com][1], Battle of Wesnoth 0.8.4 has been released. This is a fantasy themed turn based strategy game that Ryan and I have been playing lately. This is a well done game that is very addictive. You have been warned. Source and Windows binaries are available. [Battle of Wesnoth Home ... Read Full Article
  • Boat Rust
    09/12/2004 9:45PM
    Considered Regular Maintenance an exhaust manifond and riser replacement is an unpleasant job as evidenced by [these photos][1] [1]: /uploaded_html/albums/boatrust ... Read Full Article