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  • Finally. The CLog is live.
    09/13/2004 2:07PM
    The first alpha version of the Clog is now live.

    The Clog, for lack of a better name, is a multi-user categorized blogging/article posting/knowledge base system. Think of it as a simple Slashdot geared towards small groups of people with similar interests. In some ways it's similar to my company's AnswerTool product.

    As a group, my friends, colleagues and I need a centralized place to put things that we are likely to lose. Forced to be oveworked generalists, we are endlessly delving into new topics and coming up with new insights. More often than not the problems we run into are likely to be encountered by others (like the gdFreeFontCache PHP compile problem under RedHat 6.2 -> solution get PHP 4.3.9RC2 or later.)

    The concept is to create a space where we can share a diverse collection articles, answers, insights, links, photo albums, stories, whatnot.

    Once this sample application is a bit more polished, it's going to become one of three sample applications that will be distributed with the upcoming open source release of formVista.

    The nice thing is that through the auspices of the formVista framework, this entire system is installable and "turn-key" even for novice users. So if you'd like to run a system like this on your website and you have Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Contact Me
  • Asterisk PBX: Basic Setup So Far
    09/13/2004 1:50PM
    Building "Asterisk", a free linux only software PBX system is pretty straightforward--so far...So far, all I had to do was grab the source from:


    You can obtain the source via CVS, but I've never bothered to screw with CVS.

    I just pulled the .tar.gz source and built it on a stock RedHat 9 box. Naturally,
    I patched it up with yum (see the Fedora Legacy Project ).

    The source builds on most Redhat (7-9) boxen without needing to run "configure".

    Be sure to open UDP port 5060 if you're running ipchains/iptables, or you won't be able to connect to a VOIP provider via SIP (the most common protocal for connecting to VOIP providers at the moment).

    Now I just gotta get SIP to work with Broadvoice. Broadvoice is a VOIP provider that's
    supposed to be "asterisk friendly". Their customer service has been less than amazing
    so far, but @$5.95/month (Bring Your Own Hardware) for experimental purposes with 100 minutes calling anywhere in the US or Canada, I guess I can't complain.

    More on this as I figure it out...

  • PHP 4.3.8 - undefined reference to `gdFreeFontCache'
    09/13/2004 12:25AM
    I wanted to get the GIF support present in GD 2.0.28. However under RedHat Linux 6.2, compiling PHP 4.3.8 will fail with a undefined reference to `gdFreeFontCache' error when using GD-2.0.28.

    Use PHP 4.3.9RC2 or later. It has GD 2.0.28 bundled with it and compiles like a champ.

    This little problem represented an hour of my life.
  • Battle of Wesnoth 0.8.4 Released
    09/12/2004 11:17PM
    As mentioned on Linuxgames.com, Battle of Wesnoth 0.8.4 has been released. This is a fantasy themed turn based strategy game that Ryan and I have been playing lately. This is a well done game that is very addictive. You have been warned.

    Source and Windows binaries are available.

    Battle of Wesnoth Homepage
  • Boat Rust
    09/12/2004 9:45PM
    Considered Regular Maintenance an exhaust manifond and riser replacement is an unpleasant job as evidenced by these photos