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  • beanstalkd
    09/05/2014 2:39PM
    This is a lightweight fast message queue implementation with wide language support: ... Read Full Article
  • Facebook TAO
    09/04/2014 12:46PM
    TAO is a memcache replacement designed by Facebook to handle their social graph queries. It is not open sourced but a paper on it is available. [https://code.facebook.com/publications/161988287341248/tao-facebook-s-distributed-data-store-for-the-social-graph/][1] Another project is a router front-end to memcached ... Read Full Article
  • YouTube scaling of Mysql Databases using Vitess
    09/03/2014 1:10PM
    I came across this todaywhich is the open source project released by Google that they use to scale Youtube. This looks like it could be very useful. ... Read Full Article
  • Subversion (svn) "Base checksum mismatch"
    08/11/2009 6:16PM
    So I managed to corrupt a copy of some code I checked out of my subversion repository. The error I'd get was: *Sending homepage.tmpl Transmitting file data .svn: Commit failed (details follow): ... Read Full Article
  • VMWare Workstation 6.5: Fix for arrow and delete keys not working
    02/28/2009 2:36PM
    Under VMWare Workstation 6.5 I noticed that the arrow and delete keys no longer worked.  After a bit of searching around I found the following: Edit your "/etc/vmware/config" file and add: xkeymap.keycode.108 = 0x138 # Alt_R xkeymap.keycode.106 = 0x135 # KP_Divide xkeymap.keycode.104 = 0x ... Read Full Article
  • Books: Boning up on MySQL
    11/07/2006 1:27AM
    After years of using MySQL, I finally decided to it was time to do some homework and put MySQL to better use.  I bought [High Performance MySQL][1] and [PRO MySQL][2] and am glad I did.  [][1] With a couple of interesting database projects on the horizon and a long history of using MySQL at a basic level ... Read Full Article
  • Qmqtool: Queue Maintenance Tool For Qmail
    06/15/2006 3:18PM
    An excellent [tool][1] for dealing with queue clogging, examining queue content, troubleshooting, etc.. Highly recommended. [1]: http://jeremy.kister.net/code/qmqtool/ ... Read Full Article
  • Using VMWare and 'dd' to virtualize a physical machine.
    03/18/2006 10:43AM
    The problem: You have an old machine running old software under an old operating system. You want to migrate to a new operating system but need to continue running your old apps. Answer: VMWare 5.5.1. Using 'dd' under Linux you can create an image file of your entire disk, assuming you have enough space ... Read Full Article
  • Erlang Mysql Support links.
    02/20/2006 2:48PM
    For lack of a better place to put them, it looks like the subversion version of Ejabberd now has native Mysql support but requires a patch to erlang: Process one bug entry: [ https://support.process-one.net/doc/display/CONTRIBS/Yxa][1] mentioned on th ... Read Full Article
  • VMWare GSX Server for Free!?
    02/03/2006 12:50PM
    Very cool news reported by Slashdot: *"CNET News.com is reporting that in the face of increasing competition in the OS virtualization market VMWare is going to [give away its GSX server product for free][1], in the hope that customers who try it will eventually migrate to the more powerful ESX server. The com ... Read Full Article
  • A truly weird programming language.
    11/02/2005 11:45PM
    I've stumbled across an extremely weird language for fault-tolerant distributed service computing called [Erlang][1]. Here's an interesting overview called [Erlang for C/C++ Programmers][2]. [1]: http://www.erlang.org/ [2]: http://npt.cc.rsu.ru/user/wanderer/ODP/Erlang_tutorial.html ... Read Full Article
  • DocBook in OpenOffice 2.0
    10/27/2005 11:43PM
    I've been chipping away at the [formVista][1] documentation and contemplating starting on the much needed [MOBIE][2] document. I had decided some time ago that the DocBook file format gives me the most flexibility. Unfortunately, writing DocBook XML tags by hand is tedious. I had tried using [Lyx][3] for some time but ... Read Full Article
  • OpenOffice 2.0 Released!
    10/20/2005 1:14PM
    OpenOffice 2.0 has now been officially released. See the [Open Office Site][1]. [1]: http://www.openoffice.org/ ... Read Full Article
  • AJAX Applications
    09/29/2005 12:59PM
    As reported on Slashdot.org: *"Perhaps many, who viewed [Zimbra presentation from yesterday][1], thought about other office-related applications they would like to see moved to the Web. Richard McManus on ZDNet [provides a list of the currently available AJAX apps][2]. Did you know there was [AJAX word proces ... Read Full Article
  • Hybrid Drivers Afflicted By Software Bugs
    08/31/2005 8:49AM
    Well, no one can say this is a surprise. Some Toyota Prius hybrid drivers are winding up on the side of the road because of [software bugs][1]. [1]: http://www.baselinemag.com/article2/0,1540,1849825,00.asp ... Read Full Article
  • Joel on Software - Hitting the High Notes
    07/25/2005 5:25PM
    Here's an excellent article on how there's no replacement for excellent programmers; a rant I go on fairly often as people try to "commoditize" creative work ... and don't ever let yourself believe that developing software isn't a creative endeavor: "... does it even make sense to talk about having the ... Read Full Article
  • Database vendors eye open-source effect
    07/13/2005 11:37AM
    As reported by News.com, open source databases are starting to have an effect, finally: "But despite the big three's commanding presence, several upstart database companies are making a go at the relational database industry, counting on open-source products and business models to lure away customers." ... Read Full Article
  • zlib vulnerability
    07/08/2005 8:05AM
    Heads up. A remotely exploitable buffer overflow vulnerability has been discovered in zlib 1.2 and later: ... Read Full Article
  • Solution: Can't Boot RHEL 3.x/4.x On RAID 1 Following A New Install
    04/15/2005 2:16PM
    This was one of the stranger OS install problems I've encountered in a while. Symptoms: After doing a fresh install of RedHat Enterprise 4.0 on a new Supermicro rackmount box, the system would come up to a text "GRUB" prompt and freeze. The behavior was reproducible with fresh installs of RHEL 3.x ... Read Full Article
  • Lawsuit: Software should not be copyrighted
    12/14/2004 12:36PM
    From the Trying Really Hard to Destroy the Software Industry department an [article][1] at news.com reports: "Computer software should not be protected by copyright laws designed for music, literature and other creative works, according to a lawsuit filed in a U.S. court in San Francisco. Intellectual-pr ... Read Full Article
  • GPL 3 to Take on IP, Patents
    11/22/2004 2:13PM
    "With a relatively hostile environment that has pitted proprietary software against open source as a backdrop, the Free Software Foundation, the steward of the GNU General Public License, is working on the first revamp to the license in 13 years." Read the [full article][1] over at Eweek. [1]: http://www.eweek.c ... Read Full Article
  • Critical Mozilla, Thunderbird Vulnerabilities
    09/15/2004 3:54PM
    In a nutshell, upgrade to the latest Mozilla (1.7.3): More at [Slashdot][1] [1]: http://it.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/09/15/1758239&tid=172&tid=128&tid=154&tid=218 ... Read Full Article