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  • Greening of Chicago Starts at the Top Floor
    08/10/2006 9:47AM
    This is a topic I've been thinking about alot recently. Global warming researchers seem to focus exclusively on CO2 concentrations. Few people are talking about localized warming due to the effects of all this tar, asphalt and concrete. It seems to me that in addition to sequestering CO2, planting trees and other greenery would do a great deal to offset localized warming.

    According to the Washington Post:

    "Since Daley began investing tax dollars in greening the city, Chicago has planted as many as 400,000 trees, according to city spokesmen. It employs more arborists than any city in the country. There are 2.5 million square feet of green roofs completed or under construction, boosted by expedited permitting and density bonuses for developers who embrace the concept."

    You can read the full article here.
  • Contaminated Chesapeake Beaches and Water
    08/03/2006 1:11AM
    More doom and gloom. According to the Washington Post:

    "Dirty water and contaminated fish in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries pose a public health threat, but spotty monitoring and tourism industry worries can block the public from learning the full picture, health experts say.

    Millions of people swim, boat and fish in the region's waterways every year with no ill effects. But the water is so dirty that public health officials warn people who swim in it to wash with soap afterward and to avoid entering the water with an open wound."

    You can read the full article here:


  • Amazon Deforestation == Global Catastrophe?
    08/02/2006 6:26PM
    In the "the end of the world is closer than we think sub-category of doom and gloom" , Lance came across this article today:

    MANAUS - Deep in the heart of the world's greatest rainforest, a nine-day 
    journey by boat from the sea, Otavio Luz Castello is anxiously watching the
    soft waters of the Amazon drain away.

    Every day they recede further, like water running slowly out of an immense
    bathtub, threatening a worldwide catastrophe.

    Standing on an island in a quiet channel of the giant river, he points out
    what is happening. A month ago, the island was under water. Now, it juts 5m
    above it.

    It is a sign that severe drought is returning to the Amazon for a second
    successive year. And that would be ominous. New research suggests that one
    further dry year beyond that could tip the whole vast forest into a cycle of
  • Limiting SSH connections using IPTABLES under Linux
    07/07/2006 5:10PM
    If you're running a later linux kernel, here's a link to an article describing how to use iptables to limit the number of SSH connections to your box in a given period of time:


    I have not tried this yet.
  • Bad bad bad news ... Human Bird Flu Transmission Is Proven in Indonesia
    06/23/2006 12:33PM
    In the "oh, now this is bad" category:

    "Bird flu was spread directly between members of an Indonesian family in the first laboratory-confirmed case of human-to-human transmission of the lethal virus, a World Health Organization official said."

    Full article at bloomberg.