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  • Finally! Someone in the main stream pressed has noticed. BlackBerry Lawsuit Is Patently Absurd
    02/25/2006 10:09AM
    As /FINALLY/ reported by the Washington Post (on the front cover no doubt):

    "A jury found RIM guilty of patent infringement back in 2002, and the judge said that's all that really matters in deciding a penalty -- even if NTP is in no position to offer a replacement service to BlackBerry users.

    This is the kind of legal oddity that has people wondering if the patent laws serve anybody besides patent lawyers. It seems unfair that a company can work hard to develop a good product, then get mugged in court this way."

    He goes on to describe the insanity. Someone in the press is doing their job.

    You can read the full article here.

  • Florida Vote Irregularities
    02/24/2006 12:28PM
    As reported on slashdot:

    "Having 'successfully sued former Palm Beach County (FL) Supervisor of Elections Theresa LePore to get the audit records for the 2004 presidential election,' Black Box Voting reports that the 'internal logs of at least 40 Sequoia touch-screen voting machines reveal that votes were time and date-stamped as cast two weeks before the election, sometimes in the middle of the night.' Besides the date discrepancies, they claim to have discovered countless other errors and anomalies, including a case of one voting machine being 'powered down 128 times during the election'."

    Umm. Yea.

    You can read the full article here.
  • National Harbor Touts Bookings
    02/24/2006 12:22PM
    In an issue that is strangely relevant in my life at the moment:

    "Advance booking for rooms and convention facilities at Gaylord Hotels' $850 million National Harbor development in Prince George's County, which is scheduled to open in 2008, have surpassed pre-construction contracts signed at its other locations, the company said yesterday.

    Large groups and conventions have reserved 547,000 room-nights at the hotel, which anchors the National Harbor development on the Potomac River. Viewed consecutively, all of those nights -- booked over the next several years -- translate to 9 1/2 months of business with the hotel filled to capacity."

    In my best Montgomery Burns  voice "Excellent" ...

    You can read the full report here.

  • Virus Found in Prostate Cancer Patients
    02/24/2006 12:18PM
    As reported by that Washington Post:

    "The virus, closely related to one previously found only in mice, was found in cancerous prostates removed from men with a certain genetic defect. The researchers, with the University of California, San Francisco and the Cleveland Clinic, warn that they have not discovered any links between the virus and prostate cancer, but they were nonetheless excited about prospects for future research."

    You can read the full article at the post.
  • Oceans May Soon Be More Corrosive Than When The Dinosaurs Died
    02/21/2006 8:41PM

    As reported by Science Daily:

    "Increased carbon dioxide emissions are rapidly making the world's oceans more acidic and, if unabated, could cause a mass extinction of marine life similar to one that occurred 65 million years ago when the dinosaurs disappeared. Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institution's Department of Global Ecology will present this research at the AGU/ASLO Ocean Sciences meeting in Honolulu, HI on Monday, Feb 20."

    You can read the full article here.