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  • HIV Vaccine?
    12/01/2004 8:50PM
    More [articles][1] from slashdot: *"WebMD is reporting on a [ new vaccine][2] which has had an incredible effect in clinical trials. The vaccine, composed of human dendrites holding dead HIV viruses, has dropped test patients' viral load by up to 90% in one year. Could this be it?"* [1]: http://science.slashdot.org ... Read Full Article
  • Half of U.S. I.T. Operations Jobs to Vanish
    12/01/2004 8:48PM
    *Yet another [article][1] over at Slashdot: "A MacCentral article says Gartner, Inc. researchers believe that as many as [50 percent of the IT operational jobs in the U.S.][2] could disappear over the next two decades because of improvements in data center technologies. Donna Scott, a Gartner analyst, said IT work ... Read Full Article
  • Windows XP SP1 - Clean System to Zombie Bot in Four Minutes
    11/30/2004 6:42PM
    From an [article][1] at Slashdot: *"According to the latest study by USA Today and [Avantgarde][2], it takes less than [4 minutes][3] for an unpatched Windows XP SP1 system to become part of a botnet. Avantgarde has the statistics in [their abstract][4]. Stats of note: Although Macs and PC's got hit with equal oppor ... Read Full Article
  • Open Source Geeks Considered Modern Heroes
    11/30/2004 2:45PM
    From an [article][1] at Slashdot: *"The BBC [reports][2] that a report by [Demos][3] says that the all-consuming passions of geeks and nerds may actually be beneficial for society. The UK think tank's [report published today][4], underlines the importance of 'Pro-Ams' -- amateurs who pursue a hobby or pastime, in ... Read Full Article
  • Chesapeake Bay Report Issues Dismal Bill of Health
    11/29/2004 1:30PM
    From an [article][1] in the washington Post today: "The health of the Chesapeake Bay remains dismal, with key indicators like dissolved oxygen, water clarity and oyster populations still far below acceptable levels, according to a State of the Bay report released today." [1]: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/ar ... Read Full Article
  • Tanker Spills Crude Oil on Delaware River
    11/27/2004 4:56PM
    From an [article][1] over at newsday.com: "PHILADELPHIA -- A tanker spilled 30,000 gallons of crude oil into the Delaware River between Philadelphia and southern New Jersey, creating a 12-mile-long slick that threatened fish and birds, Coast Guard officials said Saturday." We were on the Delaware River ... Read Full Article
  • Owed to BSOD
    11/26/2004 12:29PM
    # [BSOD][1] [1]: http://www.daimyo.org/bsod/ ... Read Full Article
  • Nmap Hackers: FBI Subpoenas
    11/25/2004 3:12PM
    "But enough pleasantries -- I want to discuss a sobering topic. With increasing regularity this year, FBI agents from all over the country have contacted me demanding webserver log data from Insecure.Org. They don't give me reasons, but they generally seem to be investigating a specific attacker who they th ... Read Full Article
  • Tech giants edgy over Web services patent sale
    11/25/2004 12:45PM
    From an [article][1] at News.Com: "The upcoming auction of dozens of key Web services patents in a California bankruptcy case has some big Silicon Valley companies on edge. Among them are Google, Oracle and Sun Microsystems. Attorneys for those and more than a dozen other companies held a powwow this week to discus ... Read Full Article
  • Recycling Old Hardware in Prince Georges County, Md.
    11/24/2004 1:19PM
    Residents of Prince Georges County, Md can recycle old electronics (computer equipment, monitors, stereos and other electronics) by taking it to the hazardous waste facility at Brown Station Road on any given Sunday between 7:30AM and 4PM: 11611 Whitehouse Road Upper Marlboro, Md The office to call for inf ... Read Full Article
  • E-voting faces new scrutiny - Federal Investigation Started
    11/24/2004 12:41PM
    An [article][1] at News.Com announces: **"news analysis** **A newly announced federal investigation of the November election will bring fresh scrutiny on the performance of e-voting machines, but election experts said they believe any impact will be limited to future political contests."** [1]: http://news.com.c ... Read Full Article
  • Massive Multiplayer Gaming Warehouses On The Way
    11/24/2004 1:03AM
    *From an [article][1] at slashdot: "A company called Holo-Dek Gaming has opened a gaming center in New Hampshire where $5/hour buys gamers a 73-inch high definition projection screen and a networked Alienware PC or or Xbox. More impressive, though, are the prototypes for their 180-degree gaming theater... and thei ... Read Full Article
  • Torvalds trashes EU patent proposal
    11/23/2004 3:53PM
    **F**rom an [article][1] over at news.com: **'"Linux creator Linus Torvalds has appealed to the EU Council to oppose a directive that would make software patentable in Europe." ** "In the interest of Europe, such a deceptive, dangerous and democratically illegitimate proposal must not become the Common Positio ... Read Full Article
  • Government Uses Color Laser Printer Technology to Track Documents
    11/22/2004 6:44PM
    It's been a day of evil news ... from an [article][1] at yahoo news: "WASHINGTON--Next time you make a printout from your color laser printer, shine an LED flashlight beam on it and examine it closely with a magnifying glass. You might be able to see the small, scattered yellow dots printer there that could be use ... Read Full Article
  • GPL 3 to Take on IP, Patents
    11/22/2004 2:13PM
    "With a relatively hostile environment that has pitted proprietary software against open source as a backdrop, the Free Software Foundation, the steward of the GNU General Public License, is working on the first revamp to the license in 13 years." Read the [full article][1] over at Eweek. [1]: http://www.eweek.c ... Read Full Article
  • Open Source Biology Initiative
    11/22/2004 12:46PM
    From an [article][1] at SlashDot.org: *"The [Biological Innovation for Open Society][2] (BIOS) initiative aims to make biological technology more readily available to biologists everywhere. The latest genetics and biology tools should be freely available to researchers over the internet, but instead access is typical ... Read Full Article
  • U.S. Senate Passes Scaled-Back Copyright Measure
    11/22/2004 12:40PM
    From an [article][1] at Washingtonpost.com: '"This bill strengthens the intellectual-property laws that are vital to the ongoing growth of our economy," Utah Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch said.' It's clearly not as bad as it could have been, but it does not seem particularly just or balanced to put people in a ... Read Full Article
  • RSS Reader for Linux/Gnome / Status Update
    11/21/2004 4:04PM
    After much looking I've finally located a useable RSS reader for Linux. Most of the readers/viewers available from [freshmeat.net][1] are java crap. (Eventually I will write the definitive "Why I hate Java" rant ... for an endless number of reasons there simply aren't alot of contexts where Java makes alot of sense; a ... Read Full Article
  • Author of Linux Patent Study Contradicts Ballmer
    11/21/2004 3:52PM
    From an [article][1] Slashdot: "An anonymous reader sends us this EWeek story, [following-up][2] on the [recent Linux patent scare][3]. The author of the patent study is contacted, and says, "Open source faces no more, if not less, legal risk than proprietary software. The market needs to understand that the study Mi ... Read Full Article
  • From the "terrible idea" department : How your new car spies on you
    11/20/2004 6:28PM
    From a [article][1] over at cars.com addressing the reason why I will never buy a "new" car unless the data recorder can be removed: "How'd they know you were driving like that? What else do they know? And who else knows?" Read the full [article ....][1] [1]: http://www.cars.com/news/stories/111604_storyb_ ... Read Full Article
  • Ballmer Threatens Linux Patent Lawsuits - updated
    11/19/2004 7:00PM
    From "this is not good" department, an [Article][1] over at Slashdot (where else?): * "Today Microsoft [warned][2] several Asian countries that [using Linux could subject them to lawsuits][3], claiming that Linux violates '228 patents'. Apparently, Steve Ballmer believes he can enforce U.S. law in Asia."* Ballmer i ... Read Full Article
  • Microsoft Patents 'IsNot'
    11/19/2004 5:30PM
    From the "What??!" department, an [article ][1]over at Slashdot reports: Milhouse102 writes *"I was just reading an article on The Register about [Microsoft's offshore patent war][2] following Ballmer's recent outburst in Asia. I came across this little nugget, it seems [MS has patented BASIC's IsNot operator][3] ... Read Full Article
  • The Long Way Round - around the world on Motorcycle.
    11/17/2004 1:09AM
    There is this fantastic show on Bravo called "[The Long Way Round][1]" about an actors trip around the world on a motorcycle; I think it's a BMWR1150GS ... I've never seen a show capture what it's like to travel long distance by motorcycle quite this well before. It brings back memories of the '92 Alaska Hellride wh ... Read Full Article
  • CSS Reference
    11/15/2004 4:49PM
    CSS and CSS2 Reference at [http://www.w3schools.com][1] "house of style" at [1]: http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_reference.asp ... Read Full Article
  • Monopolies of the mind
    11/15/2004 3:13PM
    From an [article][1] over at the [Economist][1]: PATENTS, said Thomas Jefferson, should draw a line between the things which are worth to the public the embarrassment of an exclusive patent, and those which are not. .... But another, less-acceptable reason for the flood is that patent offices have been too lax i ... Read Full Article