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  • More On Why Diesels Make So Much Sense
    09/09/2005 6:05PM
    Another article on why diesels make are starting to make even more sense now, though they've been a good choice for quite some time.
  • The Back Pack, V 2.0
    09/09/2005 1:30PM
    Next time you go hiking, this is the backpack you want to bring. By generating electricity from the walking motion of the wearer it can produce about 7 watts of power, enough to run your GPS, or MP3 player.

    See the details here.
  • Beltsville Rosedale Auto Electric
    09/08/2005 12:23PM
    Beltsville Rosedale Auto Electric is a full service automotive, marine and industrial electric shop in Beltsville, MD just off old Baltimore Pike.

    They sell and repair both automotive and marine electrical accessories including starters, alternators, lift motors, tilt/trim motors, etc., etc.. They have a reputation for being able to locate parts for and repair unusual/hard to find items. They also stock fuses, connectors, battery shutoff switches, etc. They are also a factory authorized Bosch service center, so they should be able to handle European parts as well.

    According to the manager I spoke to there, they also do conversions and upgrades, so if you need to have your stock alternator upgraded for higher output, they can handle it.

    They are a fairly large warehouse operation and appear to be well stocked. Additionally, they can complete most work pretty quickly.

    I dropped off an alternator for diagnosis and repair at 12 PM and got it back by 4:30 PM the same day for a charge of time and materials only (many shops charge a flat fee, regardless of  what may be actually required to repair a unit).

    Contact Info:

    Beltsville Rosedale Auto Electric
    11292 Old Baltimore Pike
    Beltsville, MD  20705
    (301) 595-2971
    M-F, 8 AM - 5 PM
  • Expand Or Expire
    09/07/2005 2:51PM
    This is a development I'm certainly glad to see. I've been of the opinion for quite some time that if we don't start colonizing near planets and stars that our long term survival prospects aren't very good.

    Wired is running an article about a company called 4 frontiers that plans to actively pursue mars colonization by 2025.
  • Economic Fallout From Katrina, Now And Later
    08/31/2005 11:25AM
    As legions of economic analysts continue to churn out predictions about the effects of Katrina on the national economy, some are predicting a big hit this year, with a miniboom to follow by Q3 of next year.

    One thing is certain, we'll find out one way or another.