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  • Greenspace Exposure Is Good For You
    08/29/2005 1:14PM
    It seems that more and more often these days hard science and new age flakiness seem to be meeting in the middle space between their commonly separate poles of reality.

    According to theories presented in this article, our internal wiring takes a long time to catch up with our environment. Because of this,  it seems nearly everyone benefits from regular exposure to greenspace.

    Go figure...

  • More Positive News For Coffee Drinkers
    08/29/2005 1:07PM
    Yet another study showing the health benefits of drinking coffee in moderation.

    See the details here.
  • Greenspan Worries About Economic Health
    08/26/2005 11:52AM
    In an article at the Washingtonpost.com:

    "Creeping trade protectionism and bloated budget deficits pose a risk to the United States' long-term economic vitality, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan warned Friday."

    As friends of mine will attest, I've been saying the same thing for some years now. There is a tremendous amount of illusionary wealth right now.

    I see it clearly down at my marina where first time boat owners have been pulling equity out of their homes in order to buy new boats that otherwise couldn't dream of affording.
  • Rise Of The Diesel
    08/26/2005 12:53AM
    While this article is Eurocentric in its focus, the point is pretty clear.

    Diesel sales are rising dramatically around the world for a number of reasons. Modern diesels are quiet, non-smoky, and powerful. They also pollute less than their gasoline powered counterparts and and operate up to 40% more efficiently to boot.

    Now if only car vendors in the US could become a bit more clueful about this--right now if you want a non-truck, non-SUV diesel car, your choices are Mercedes, Volkwagen, or a gray market import. Yet GM, Ford and Chrysler all offer (often multiple) diesel powertrain options in passenger models sold overseas.

    As of the beginning of this year, diesels made up more than 50% of all new car sales in Europe; in the US they are currently 4%. Come on guys, quit holding out, we could use them here too!
  • Source for BMW Motorcycle Parts info
    08/24/2005 8:18PM
    This site has a passable online parts microfiche system for all BMW Bikes.


    And here's one that is basically the same code but much better arranged: