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  • Two Ways To Use GPS With Linux
    10/12/2004 4:12AM
    From slashdot:

    Whether you're wardriving, vacationing or building a Car PC, a Global Positioning System is a handy tool. Interacting with your GPS via your PC makes for an even better GPS experience. As a Linux user, GPS/PC integration can be somewhat sketchy. Vendors don't write software and drivers for Linux; it's probably safe to assume that the good folks over at Garmin would say something along the lines of "Lih-what?". Have no fear! Using your GPS with Linux isn't impossible! Check out this review over at LinuxForumsDOTorg of two fairly robust GPS navigation programs for Linux."
  • Speaking of global warming...
    10/11/2004 9:37PM

    Check out this article on msnbc.com, "Cheaper, more efficient fuel cells on the way". Eliminating auto emissions would go a long way toward slowing global warming, besides which switching to fuel cells would reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

    Too bad this kind of progress is going way too slow. By the time fuel cell cars are in mass production gas will be at $10/gallon and we will all be choking on smog.

  • Unexplained Leap In CO2 Levels
    10/11/2004 10:08AM
    From SlashDot:

    The Guardian is reporting that atmospheric CO2 concentrations have leapt by 4.5 ppm in the last two years. This raises the ugly possibility that the capacity of a large carbon sink (possibly the oceans) has been exceeded, and the worst-case scenario is that a tipping point has been reached and a runaway warming scenario is in progress. Quote from Dr. Piers Foster of Reading University: 'If this is a rate change, of course it will be very significant. It will be of enormous concern, because it will imply that all our global warming predictions for the next hundred years or so will have to be redone.'"

    Not good.
  • The Twenty Most Critical Internet Security Vulnerabilities
    10/09/2004 3:02PM
    The SANS institute has released their top 20 list. Check out the webserver section.
  • Ocean Exploitation Surfaces as Crisis
    10/09/2004 1:40PM

    Widespread Pollution, Overfishing Spur Presidential Panel to Urge New Rules.

    The oceans are in trouble.