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  • RSS Reader for Linux/Gnome / Status Update
    11/21/2004 4:04PM
    After much looking I've finally located a useable RSS reader for Linux. Most of the readers/viewers available from freshmeat.net are java crap. (Eventually I will write the definitive "Why I hate Java" rant ... for an endless number of reasons there simply aren't alot of contexts where Java makes alot of sense; at least not in it's current form.)
    Nevertheless I finally found Liferea which is written in a civilized language, compiles and runs as it should. It has a number of the most important feeds already configured.

    I'm finally working on the RSS feed. It turns out it's trivially simple and can be implemented directly in FVML instead of having to write any real code ... so I should have initial support for it in the development version of the CLOG later on today. Sometime this week I'm hoping to update yml.com with the new MOBIE code which will include the new multi-category CLOG, new iCMS, updated contact manager, new HTML editor, new image manager, grants support, DRAG AND DROP ORDERED LISTS and RSS feed support.

    Sometime after that the plan is to put up the new formvista.com site, separate out the the CLOG from MOBIE and release it as a standalone app. Originally it was going to be a demo app for formVista, but has grown to the point where it can probably stand on it's own.The idea is to release it under the Reciprocal Public License so it'll be free to use.

    Once all that is done, I should be ready to release the formVista framework itself. After 3.5 years of development it's probably ready to go out the door in some initial form. I have some initial documentation and have a pretty involved demo with a shell application written. The beginnings of a user manual and a programmers guide exist.

    It's now at the point where I believe others might find it useful.

  • Author of Linux Patent Study Contradicts Ballmer
    11/21/2004 3:52PM
    From an article Slashdot:
    "An anonymous reader sends us this EWeek story, following-up on the recent Linux patent scare. The author of the patent study is contacted, and says, "Open source faces no more, if not less, legal risk than proprietary software. The market needs to understand that the study Microsoft is citing actually proves the opposite of what they claim it does.""
  • From the "terrible idea" department : How your new car spies on you
    11/20/2004 6:28PM
    From a article over at cars.com addressing the reason why I will never buy a "new" car unless the data recorder can be removed:

    "How'd they know you were driving like that? What else do they know? And who else knows?"

    Read the full article ....

  • Ballmer Threatens Linux Patent Lawsuits - updated
    11/19/2004 7:00PM
    From "this is not good" department, an Article over at Slashdot (where else?):

    "Today Microsoft warned several Asian countries that using Linux could subject them to lawsuits, claiming that Linux violates '228 patents'. Apparently, Steve Ballmer believes he can enforce U.S. law in Asia."
    Ballmer is presumably speaking about this story. So, companies which sell insurance against lawsuits and companies which make competing products both warn of the dangers of using Linux. Maybe someone should point out that Microsoft is battling dozens of patent-infringement lawsuits itself, and any user of Microsoft software (including governments) could also be sued?

    In an update from seattlepi.com entitled

    Ballmer on Linux, part II

    Microsoft apparently tries to clarify the comments ...

  • Microsoft Patents 'IsNot'
    11/19/2004 5:30PM
    From the "What??!" department, an article over at Slashdot reports:

    Milhouse102 writes "I was just reading an article on The Register about Microsoft's offshore patent war following Ballmer's recent outburst in Asia. I came across this little nugget, it seems MS has patented BASIC's IsNot operator."