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  • Nmap Hackers: FBI Subpoenas
    11/25/2004 3:12PM
    "But enough pleasantries -- I want to discuss a sobering topic. With
    increasing regularity this year, FBI agents from all over the country
    have contacted me demanding webserver log data from Insecure.Org.
    They don't give me reasons, but they generally seem to be
    investigating a specific attacker who they think may have visited the
    Nmap page at a certain time."

    More at seclists.org

    For the uninitiated, nmap is an incredible tool for determining whether or not you've locked down your machines ...
  • Tech giants edgy over Web services patent sale
    11/25/2004 12:45PM
    From an article at News.Com:

    "The upcoming auction of dozens of key Web services patents in a California bankruptcy case has some big Silicon Valley companies on edge.

    Among them are Google, Oracle and Sun Microsystems. Attorneys for those and more than a dozen other companies held a powwow this week to discuss the patent sale and the danger of becoming targets of infringement suits by whomever acquires them."

    It goes on to cover the fear of extortion these companies have ...

  • Recycling Old Hardware in Prince Georges County, Md.
    11/24/2004 1:19PM
    Residents of Prince Georges County, Md can recycle old electronics (computer equipment, monitors, stereos and other electronics) by taking it to the hazardous waste facility at Brown Station Road on any given Sunday between 7:30AM and 4PM:

    11611 Whitehouse Road
    Upper Marlboro, Md

    The office to call for info is: 301-883-7163

    It's near Prince Georges Community College.

    Update 2 Jan 2004: washingtonpost.com has just published an article about recycling computer hardware:


  • E-voting faces new scrutiny - Federal Investigation Started
    11/24/2004 12:41PM
    An article at News.Com announces:

    "news analysis A newly announced federal investigation of the November election will bring fresh scrutiny on the performance of e-voting machines, but election experts said they believe any impact will be limited to future political contests."
  • Massive Multiplayer Gaming Warehouses On The Way
    11/24/2004 1:03AM
    From an article at slashdot:

    "A company called Holo-Dek Gaming has opened a gaming center in New Hampshire where $5/hour buys gamers a 73-inch high definition projection screen and a networked Alienware PC or or Xbox. More impressive, though, are the prototypes for their 180-degree gaming theater... and their game sphere. Yes, sphere. This is just a pilot program—the Baltimore facility planned for 2005 would have 300 networked gaming stations. Story and pictures here, company website here."

    Baltimore? This could be good ... however it seems to me that it could easily flop.