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  • Lawsuit: Software should not be copyrighted
    12/14/2004 12:36PM
    From the Trying Really Hard to Destroy the Software Industry department an article at news.com reports:

    "Computer software should not be protected by copyright laws designed for music, literature and other creative works, according to a lawsuit filed in a U.S. court in San Francisco.

    Intellectual-property consultant Greg Aharonian hopes to convince the court that software makers can protect their products adequately through patents, which provide more comprehensive protection but are difficult to obtain and expire in a shorter period of time."

  • MOBIE installed.
    12/13/2004 7:52PM
    MOBIE has been installing YML.COM.

    This release primarily features some bugfixes to the CLOG and RSS support.
    • Last update is now displayed first.
    • Comments link now links to the comments section at the bottom of the detail page.
    • posting comments from the list now works.
    • uploaded images are now kept in a separate directory.
    • RSS feed has been improved to include full urls where appropriate.
    • article author and link to the article are now included.
    • a number of bug fixes.
    If you notice any problems with the site please comment to this post.


    -- Yermo

  • Per request - repost of 2003 Easter Fire Pictures
    12/13/2004 3:18PM
    I had inadvertently deleted the albums I had on yml.com when I moved everything over to the MOBIE backend. Per request, here's a repost of the 2003 Easter Fire neophoto album.
  • BZFlag goes Platinum
    12/11/2004 3:46PM
    An article over at slashdot announces:
    "A little over four years after moving to SourceForge at a current rate of several hundred downloads every day, BZFlag has finally "gone platinum". With over 1,000,000 SourceForge downloads, BZFlag looks to be the third game (following Tux Racer and StepMania) to go 'sf platinum'. While this doesn't include the many tens of thousands distributed prior to the project's migration to sf.net during the SGI days, it's a momentous occasion for open source gaming regardless."

    For those that don't know, bzflag is a killer multiplayer "tank" game that isn't anything like what you would expect a "tank" game to be. It's been around for years and is one of those underground games, like wesnoth, that rock.

  • How to Fix U.S. Patents
    12/10/2004 12:58AM
    From an article at slashdot:
    "IEEE Spectrum has an interesting article on how to fix the U.S. patent system. It starts with an example of how broken the system is, with Smuckers suing a small company for crustless PB&J. It has a great overview of how the system has evolved and how much it favors the big patent holders, and suggests 3 specific fixes: 'create incentives and opportunities for parties to challenge the novelty and nonobviousness of an invention before the PTO grants a patent,' examine the important patents meticulously; don't waste effort on the unimportant ones that can be ousted early, and for examining prior art, use judges and special masters rather than uninformed juries."