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  • Hackers break into George Mason University
    01/10/2005 4:29PM
    If you know anyone who attended or works for George Mason University, you should let them know to watch their accounts carefully. Apparently they just had a major hacker break-in and steal something like 30,000 personal information files.

    More info in this article on news.com

  • Open Source Content Management
    01/09/2005 5:34PM
    A link from Ryan for when we open source MOBIE. See the mobie.biz site once I put it up.

  • W2K/XP no boot WinntSystem32ConfigSystem is missing or corrupt
    01/07/2005 8:30AM

    W2K/XP could not start because WinntSystem32ConfigSystem.ced is missing or corrupt

    Well its not missing and its probably not corrupt. You get this messageif something is writing too much data to the System subkey in theregistry at boot up..

    this will get you to boot & save date but most aplications will need to be reinstalled.
    unless you have a backed up copy that last worked -

    original article at:
    more support on same problem:

    W2K/XP could not start because WinntSystem32ConfigSystem.ced is missing or corrupt

    Well its not missing and its probably not corrupt. You get this messageif something is writing too much data to the System subkey in theregistry. Think about what you have installed lately.

    Intel and ARC (RISC) systems have a design limit such that 16 megabyte(MB) of memory is available at this stage of the boot process and thefollowing must fit in that available 16M RAM :

    * loader
    * kernel
    * HAL
    * boot drivers
    * system registry hive

    If the System registry hive exceeds 13MB, you get that error. Toresolve the problem, you have to replace it with a backup version. Usethe Repair Console tool to replace the backup copy of the System hivefrom the repair folder. If you do not have the Repair Console toolinstalled, you can run it from the Emergency Repair process:

    * Start the computer by using the Windows CD-ROM or the Startup disk.
    * When you see the "Welcome to Setup" message, press R for "repair."
    * Press C to run the Recovery Console tool.
    * Select the installation that you want to repair.
    * Type the administrator password. If this is a domain controller,you need to supply the password for Directory Services Restore Mode.
    * Log on to the Recovery Console tool and type the following commands:
    o cd system32config
    o ren system system.old
    o ren system.alt systemalt.old
    * Copy the backup of the System hive from either the%SystemRoot%Repair folder or the %SystemRoot%RepairRegback folder ifyou run the Emergency Repair Disk Wizard from Windows Backup andRecovery tools.

    You will need to restore the most recent copy of the System hive. Anyprograms that run as a service or hardware device drivers that youinstalled since you last ran the Emergency Repair Disk need to bere-installed.

    To copy the default System hive, type the following command:

    copy c:winntrepairsystem to copy the default system hive

    To copy the System hive that was backed up the last time that you ranthe Emergency Repair Disk Wizard, type the following command:

    copy c:winntrepairregbacksystem

    After you run these commands, type exit at the command prompt to restart your computer.

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    * Admin Tip #71: Manual vs Fast Repair in Windows 2000
    * Q239803: How to Change the Recovery Console Administrator Password on a Domain Controller
    * Q223301: Protection of the Administrator Account in the Offline SAM
  • cut & paste from the clipboard to yml
    01/07/2005 8:20AM
    using/setup mozilla or firefox to cut & paste articles to the www.yml.com website
    Setting Prefs for the Mozilla Rich Text Editing Demo

    To protect users' private information, unprivileged scripts cannot invoke the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands in the Mozilla rich text editor, so the corresponding buttons on the Mozilla Rich Text Editing demo page will not work. To enable these functions for purposes of the demo, you must modify your browser preferences.

    1. Quit Mozilla. If you have Quick Launch running (in Windows, an icon in the toolbar), quit that too.
    2. Find your Mozilla profile directory. On Windows, this is often located in c://WINNT/Profiles/<your Windows login>/Application Data/Mozilla.
    3. Open the user.js file from that directory in a text editor. If there's no user.js file, create one.
    use note pad or other text editor - save as user.js

    4. Add these lines to user.js:

    user_pref("capability.policy.policynames", "allowclipboard");
    user_pref("capability.policy.allowclipboard.sites", "http://www.mozilla.org");
    user_pref("capability.policy.allowclipboard.Clipboard.cutcopy", "allAccess");
    user_pref("capability.policy.allowclipboard.Clipboard.paste", "allAccess");

    they left this part out replace www.mozilla.org with www.yml.com
    this is the part I was missing.

    5. Save the file, and restart Mozilla. The Clipboard buttons should now function.
  • FireFox extension - WebDeveloper
    01/05/2005 9:15PM
    For web application developers, I came across an extremely cool extension for FireFox called WebDeveloper.

    This extension adds a new button bar in FireFox with a number of tools including:
    • a web form inspector (no more endless printing out POST and GET variables from your server side code, let FireFox tell you what it sent)
    • a way to view hidden variables in a page and modify them.
    • a way to work with cascading style sheets
    • a way to validate HTML, CSS, etc.
    You can install WebDeveloper into your copy of FireFox 1.0 by going to the Tools menu and selecting Extensions. Click get more extensions and find WebDeveloper. It's a one click install from there.