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  • Green Roof FAQ
    12/09/2004 6:42PM
    Green roofs on commercial buildings offer substantial economic, environmental, and aesthetic benefits. Check out the FAQs for yourself.

    In light of the greenhous gas problem and recently released climate change studies, this kind of technology is likely to become far more necessary and critical to the overall environmental mitigation process.

  • CLOG v 0.8 bugs and suggestions.
    12/09/2004 4:41PM
    I've created Admin->Bugs and Admin->Suggestions categories. It'll be alot easier for me if we keep suggestions and bug reports here on the clog. YML.COM is, after all, pretty much a test site.

    So far from me and Anatoly:
    • Right now in Thunderbird all articles come up as from "anonymous"; you should set the author field for each article.
    • When trying to use the Paste function in the new editor, I get an 
      "unpriveledged scripts can not cut/copy/paste programmatically for
      security reasons." It directs me to this page:


      This is using Firefox 1.0. I wonder if there is any other way to get
      around it without making users modify their preferences.
      • there doesn't seem to be a good way to get around this. Copy/paste works if you're viewing the source, however (click the <> button). It looks like i'm going to need to provide some kind of script to do that update; getting our users to edit that file will be nearly impossible. -- yml
    • BTW, image URLs in RSS articles also need to be absolute URLs, otherwise 
      they will show up in the reader as broken images.
      • I think I have this working now in my development copy. I'll be installing the update shortly. -- yml
    • I think you should add a link at the end of the RSS article to go to the web site to read the articles.
      • I've made some fixes in the XML which seems to have taken care of this. --yml

    • double category bug on editing an existing article.
    • search bug where articles are listed multiple times.
    • post comments from the list view don't like to the form.
      • fixed -- yml
    • clicking on comments from the list view doesn't scroll down to the comments.
      • fixed --yml
    If you notice any other problems or have suggestions please post comments to this article.

  • Human Task Switches Considered Harmful
    12/09/2004 11:06AM
    I was just reminded of this great article by Joel Spolsky. Yermo always talks about task switching overhead and how long it takes a person to get back "into the groove" after being interrupted. So this article is just another data point.

  • Announcing a Major Upgrade to YML.COM!
    12/09/2004 1:38AM
    After more hours than I care to think about, I have finally checked in and put together a release of the latest MOBIE and formVista code. This update involves more than 1100 files, most on the backend you guys don't see but many that do involve the front end. This code, as you can see by the new look, is now installed on yml.com.
    The changes are far too numerous to list them all but things you will notice immediately are:
    • new HTML editor with built-in ImageManager support. From the article posting screen click on the picture frame next to the link icon to bring up an extremely cool image manager. You can upload images directly from there as in: You need to be using a relatively recent browser. If you click on the little pen next to the trashcan you can actually bring up an image editor that will allow you to rotate, crop, and resize the image on the server. way cool. What's especially cool is that in the formVista markup language, if any of you ever want to try out the beast I've built, any textarea field can be turned into the HTMLarea field using a single FVML tag ...
    • New HTML and XML article entry support. This one's for you Ian. You can now enter HTML code and it will be handled properly so you can do stuff like <b>here's an example of html</b> and the brackets won't be interpreted. The previous version didn't handle html code entered into the HTML editor correctly.
    • MULTIPLE CATEGORIES! formVista now handles the painful select multiple and go back and edit it again case. Press the CTRL button while selecting categories from the category list and you can file your article into multiple categories. Go back and edit your article and add/remove categories to your hearts content. This capability is built into formVista now.
    • RSS feed. This one is for you Anatoly. The feed is /main_rss.html.
    • Also for Anatoly, last update time and original posting time are separated.
    • The detail view is fixed. It's available from the Read More link at the bottom of the articles.
    • POSTING OF COMMENTS! Articles each now have a kind of discussion forum attached to them allowing you all to post comments to any article. The number of comments are displayed on the main page. Just like articles you can go in and edit any article that you've published (and now with the formVista grants system if I give you the clog_admin grant you can edit any of them).
    Soon I'm going to be putting up the new formVista and MOBIE sites where I'll discuss more of the backend. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the new code. Let me know if you find any problems.

    -- Yermo. Lord and Master of this Small Domain.

  • Global Warming: A Perspective from Earth History
    12/07/2004 6:18PM
    For a non-trival doom and gloom perspective read the article from the University of Leicester:

    "Global climate change is increasingly recognised as the key threat to the continued development and even survival - of humanity. Here, we give the context obtained from earth history, as the pattern of global environmental change in the past provides an indispensable context to establishing likely trajectories of future climate change. We find that the evidence for human-induced climate change is now persuasive, and the need for direct action compelling."