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  • More XML-related patent silliness
    10/21/2005 2:31PM
    I don't even know what to say about this stuff any more: another company is now claiming that XML infringes on its patent.  At least the article mentions possible prior art.  SGML anyone? ... Read Full Article
  • More bad News: Tech Companies Swimming In Lawsuits
    10/21/2005 11:12PM
    No doubt thanks to the patent system and copyright silliness, as mentioned on Slashdot.org: *"A new survey shows that the tech industry places third after healthcare and energy companies in the number of lawsuits it deals with. It states that [an average tech company faces 42 lawsuits currently][1], more than ... Read Full Article
  • Bad Precedent: VoIP Backlash From Phone Companies
    10/21/2005 11:16PM
    This kind of thing could kill the net, and quick. As reported on Slashdot: *"An article from the online edition of IEEE Spectrum says phone companies in France, Germany, Egypt and Saudi Arabia have announced they will [block VoIP calls on their networks][1]. Using new software from Narus Inc., the carriers ca ... Read Full Article
  • Supreme Court Rejects Microsoft Eolas Appeal
    11/01/2005 6:14PM
    As reported by slashdot.org: *"The U.S. Supreme Court [has decided not to hear a Microsoft appeal][1] in the software company's ongoing Web browsing patent dispute with the University of California and Eolas Technologies. The dispute arises over the Eolas patent for 'a system allowing a user of a browser prog ... Read Full Article
  • Sony protected music CDs install rootkit on your machine
    11/02/2005 9:44AM
    There have been several articles over the past few days that are bound to get the attention of Sony executives and make them think twice about their DRM (digital rights management) strategy: Apparently the copy-protection technology they are using on some of their music CDs not only forces you to use their media player ... Read Full Article
  • It has to be a hoax, Slashdot reports a "story-line" is about to be patented.
    11/04/2005 12:51AM
    As reported on slashdot: *"The USPTO will issue the [first storyline patent in history today][1], with two others following in the next few monts. [Right to Create points out][2] that this was [anticipated several months ago][3] in a story by Richard Stallman published in the The Guardian, UK. With the publi ... Read Full Article
  • Truckers Take First Steps Toward Hydrogen
    11/17/2005 11:44PM
    It turns out that long haul truckers have been retrofitting their diesel rigs with on-the-fly Hydrogen generators. The hydrogen is injected into the fuel system of the truck for significant gains in power, fuel economy and pollution reduction. Get the details [here.][1] [1]: http://www.wired.com/news/autotech/0,2554, ... Read Full Article
  • Continuing Patent Silliness - More on the Blackberry Suit
    11/25/2005 1:20AM
    An article posted on Businessweek.com entitled: ["No BlackBerry, No Life "I'm addicted to this thing," says one CEO. But what if the connection shuts down? "][1] discusses the impact of the pending interruption to Blackberry service in the US. [1]: http://www.businessweek.com/ma ... Read Full Article
  • And the Damage Continues - EBay's Patent Case to be heard by the Supreme Court
    11/28/2005 5:24PM
    As reported by the Washington Post: "The U.S. Supreme Court said on Monday that it would consider an appeal by online auctioneer eBay Inc. in a case that could determine when it is appropriate to grant an injunction against a patent infringer." The full article [can be read here][1]. [1]: http:// ... Read Full Article
  • Atlantic Conveyor Belt Doom and Gloom for Europe
    11/30/2005 3:05PM
    As reported by BBC News: **"Changes to ocean currents in the Atlantic may cool European weather within a few decades, scientists say." **You can read the [full article at bbcnews][1]. [1]: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/4485840.stm ... Read Full Article
  • More on the Evil of the RIM Patent Dispute
    11/30/2005 10:58PM
    As reported through google news, clearly depicting the incredible evil that is the US Patent System: "NTP, a holding company and not a rival making its own products, would also benefit more from a settlement than from a BlackBerry shutdown." You can read [more about the insanity here.][1] [1]: htt ... Read Full Article
  • Microsoft Bows to Eolas, Revamps IE's Multimedia Handling
    12/03/2005 1:14PM
    As reported by Eweek: "The browser patent spat between Microsoft Corp. and Eolas Technologies took another twist Friday with an announcement from Redmond that it will change the way Internet Explorer handles embedded content on Web pages." You can [read the full article at eweek.com][1]. [1]: http ... Read Full Article
  • A Look at the US Patent System
    12/06/2005 12:39AM
    As reported by Slashdot: *"The LA Times published an interesting editorial on the [current state of our patent system][1]. From the article: 'on many levels, the U.S. patent system is profoundly flawed. Too many patents are issued for 'innovations' that are obvious, vague or already in wide use.' Online react ... Read Full Article
  • Do you think maybe they have too much power?
    12/09/2005 12:31PM
    As reported on slashdot: *"According to the BBC, the [Music Publishers' Association][1] is stepping up to launch the [next phase in the music industry's battle against online music][2]. The MPA is demanding jail time for the maintainers of websites offering unlicensed song scores and lyrics. The MPA President ... Read Full Article
  • Cutting Through the Patent Thicket
    12/20/2005 4:11PM
    An article over at Business Week discusses from the point of a Venture Capitalist: "For over 200 years, the U.S. patent system has catalyzed economic growth and protected the national interest. Unfortunately, over the past few decades, patents have become irrelevant -- even harmful -- to the innovation proces ... Read Full Article
  • More Bad News. GM herbicide resistance found in weeds
    12/31/2005 2:02PM
    As reported on slashdot: *"According to this article GM crops under test in the UK have cross pollinated to weeds, [giving them the same resistance to herbicide as the GM crops][1]. The article also mentions that this has been reported as occurring in Canada, which like the US is well past the test stage and ... Read Full Article
  • The Patent Epidemic
    01/03/2006 4:16PM
    As reported on Slashdot: *"BusinessWeek is running an editorial titled [The Patent Epidemic][1], which chronicles not only how abusive and absurd our patent system has become for software and business method patents, but how it hurts even traditionally innovative fields such as the automobile industry. Intere ... Read Full Article
  • How To Convert Greenhouse Emissions To Fuel
    01/11/2006 4:47PM
    As reported in the Christian Science Monitor, USA Today, /. and elsewhere, a number of companies are now working on algae based systems that will convert smokestack greenhouse gases into algae with high oil concentrations (50% by weight). The algae is then converted in to Biodiesel and ethanol, after reducing CO2 ... Read Full Article
  • Warming Tied To Extinction Of Frog Species
    01/12/2006 12:10PM
    As reported by the washington post: "Rising temperatures are responsible for pushing dozens of frog species over the brink of extinction in the past three decades, according to findings being reported today by a team of Latin American and U.S. scientists." Amphibians are the earths canary. Read the full ... Read Full Article
  • UK Judge: Who needs software patents?
    01/16/2006 1:41PM
    As reported by slashdot:* "C|Net has a surprising [story][1] about a seminar given by a top judge at the U.K.'s Court of Appeal who specializes in intellectual-property law. According to the article, he has "questioned whether software patents should be granted, and has criticized the U.S. for allowing & ... Read Full Article
  • Patently Absurd
    01/29/2006 4:45PM
    As reported by Slashdot: *"The Globe and Mail has published an article titled [Patently Absurd, detailing the whole history of the RIM vs. NTP wireless war][1]. It is a blow by blow account of how a dispute that could have been settled for a few million dollars is now 'a billion-dollar dagger hanging over RIM ... Read Full Article
  • It's not that I'm a pessimist, really - global warming more serious than thought
    01/30/2006 12:42PM
    From slashdot: *A UK govt report says that [greenhouse gases may have more serious impacts][1] that previously thought. Greenhouse gases it says, is causing global warming at a rate that is unsustainable. From BBC: The European Union has adopted a target of preventing a rise in global average temperature of more t ... Read Full Article
  • Last of NTP patents tentatively thrown out
    02/02/2006 11:44AM
    As reported by slashdot: *Reuters reports that [the fifth NTP patent has been rejected][1]. What does it say about the US Patent office and software patents that these patents have made it through trials, appeals, etc and only now has the Patent Office decided they weren't any good in the first place?"* From ... Read Full Article
  • Greenland Glaciers Melting Faster than Expected
    02/17/2006 12:21AM
    As reported by the Washington Post: "Greenland's glaciers are melting into the sea twice as fast as previously believed, the result of a warming trend that renders obsolete predictions of how quickly Earth's oceans will rise over the next century, scientists said yesterday. The new data come from satellite imag ... Read Full Article
  • US Currency Devaluation
    02/20/2006 1:07PM
    An article on the problems associated with the large trade deficit: "Miami economist Manuel Lasaga, who burnished his University of Pennsylvania doctorate in economics with a stint at Citibank renegotiating the Latin-American debt in the 1980s, shares few characteristics with Chicken Little, who always warned ... Read Full Article