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  • test article
    12/01/2008 1:06PM
    this is a test. please ignore. ... Read Full Article
  • Fraud through Verizon - ESBI
    10/24/2008 2:06PM
    So I get this months telephone bill and there's this charge from a company I have never heard from called ESBI. I called Verizon to get the charges reversed and they directed me to call ESBI. Going to the website listed on the bill, yielded no information. No one answers the number liste ... Read Full Article
  • Nasty FireFox "bug" - empty img src= loads current URL.
    10/08/2008 7:41PM
    **2008-10-15 Update:** Unfortunately, it looks like MSIE 6, and possibly others, do not reliably set the HTTP_ACCEPT header to reflect the content type being requested. Often MSIE will send a \*/\*. So at the present moment it's not clear to me how one can recognize a request on the server which resulted fr ... Read Full Article
  • Kubuntu Linux Hardy Heron 8.0.4 Shift Key problem
    09/28/2008 6:09PM
    I'm running the Kubuntu Gutsy Gibbon linux distribution. Randomly, the SHIFT key will stop functioning. It seems to somehow be related to running VMWare Workstation and switching screens. It's a known bug listed here: Getting your SHIFT key workin ... Read Full Article
  • Biochar-Agrichar: New/Old Technology As A Weapon Against Climate Change
    09/11/2008 9:30AM
    A new take on 2500 year old technology could help make a huge dent in the greenhouse gas problem, while simultaneously improving soils and agricultural output. See the video introduction [here][1]. [1]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzmpWR6JUZQ&feature=related ... Read Full Article
  • Open Source Climate Change Mitigation
    07/21/2008 5:18PM
    Looks like an old idea for fixing excess atmospheric CO2 levels is gaining new life, and may prove to be practical after all: seeding the oceans with treated limestone. Supporters claim this approach would not only increase the ocean's ability to absorb CO2, but fix the PH problem (acidification) created by the i ... Read Full Article
  • We're now multi-homed running BGP across two T1's
    07/02/2008 6:56PM
    Our network is now multi-homed running BGP across two T1's; one connected to Qwest and another connected to Verizon. The Qwest guys absolutely rock. They have been above the call of duty helpful. Tweaking BGP to get it to work right can be an error prone process. ... Read Full Article
  • Supplies of Rare Earth Elements Exhausted By 2017
    07/02/2008 1:45PM
    *Nothing like a little very serious doom and gloom from slashdot: "While we bemoan the current oil crisis, I ran across an editorial that led me to research a more immediate threat. [Ramped-up production of flat-panel displays means the material to make them will be 'extinct'][1] by 2017. This goes for other ... Read Full Article
  • IEA Calls For Tight Oil Through 2013
    07/02/2008 9:54AM
    An IEA study released on 1 July says world oil supplies will likely remain stretched with little excess capacity through 2013. This does not bode well for consumer prices, as the cost of energy generally cascades into multiple sectors of the economy; The Wall Street Journal has the details [here][1]. [1]: http:/ ... Read Full Article
  • The Oil Gap Hits The Main Stream
    05/22/2008 2:09PM
    The IEA (the Paris based Independent Energy Agency) is in the middle of an across the board evaluation of the condition of the world's oil fields. The study results won't be released until November, but already, industry insiders and analysts are suggesting that the results may describe a much tighter world oil su ... Read Full Article
  • Multitasking May Age You And Hurt Your Brain
    01/28/2008 10:07AM
    Many folks who are forced to multitask on an ongoing basis already understand that multiple demands on attention can slow you down and carry significant switching costs. An article over at the Atlantic looks at this in detail; you can read it [here.][1] [1]: http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200711/multitasking ... Read Full Article
  • Research Finds Effects of GSM Signals on Sleep
    12/31/2007 1:47PM
    As reported on slashdot: *"The effects of mobile phone radiation on sleep were studied in Sweden in a [laboratory experiment][1] where subjects were exposed either to 884 MHz GSM radiation or placebo. The study finds that compared to placebo, in the radiation-exposed subjects there was a prolonged latency to ... Read Full Article
  • Single brain cell's power shown
    12/22/2007 10:52AM
    A recent European study indicates that individual brain cells may be far more capable than previously understood. Get the details [here.][1] [1]: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/7151920.stm ... Read Full Article
  • Solaris 10, PHP 5, Mysql 5 and Mysql Client API version 4.0.24
    12/19/2007 5:31PM
    This was a head scratcher. I had the misfortune of working on a Solaris 10 server today that exhibited the most bizarre problem. Despite having Mysql 5.0.45 installed in /usr/local/mysql and explicitly setting --with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql PHP configure option, phpinfo() consistently reported that the Mysql Client ... Read Full Article
  • AOL.COM and YAHOO.COM Whitelist info.
    12/15/2007 6:16PM
    I keep forgetting to put this somewhere where I will find it again. If you have alot of customers that user AOL.COM and you want to send out announcements it's a good idea to get on their whitelist. [http://postmaster.aol.com/whitelist/ ][1] Here's some more information I found through google: Read Full Article
  • Holiday shopping season prediction
    11/30/2007 12:38PM
    The hottest holiday gift this year for parents will be a home lead testing kit.  Stock up now before they're gone. ... Read Full Article
  • Kubuntu 7.10 on Dell Vostro 400n
    11/23/2007 8:15PM
    There is an issue with recent 2.6 kernels and some ATA/SATA controllers which I have run into while trying to install both CentOS 5 and Kubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon). Initially, even the boot CD would not work from the builtin DVD reader. To boot the first time I used an external USB DVD. The relevant error was " ... Read Full Article
  • OpenOffice XHTML XSLT export filter
    09/18/2007 1:59PM
    As part of large project I'm working on, I need to create some kind of context sensitive online help system for a web application. I've used [LyX][1] in the past and exported that to [DocBook][2] which I then ran through an HTML filter but it's clumsy and there's no good maintainable way to link sections of the webapp ... Read Full Article
  • Tricks for Virtualizing a Redhat 6.1 installation.
    07/28/2007 12:46PM
    The machine this site is running on is an old dual PIII 600. The unfortunate thing is that some of the software running on it uses binary-only components that won't run under later versions of linux. So while I work on a replacement for those components, we're stuck running dns1 for the foreseeable future. The ma ... Read Full Article
  • Article about the 0.1 release of Linux
    07/27/2007 11:36AM
    Cool article covering a bit of increasingly ancient linux history: [**Linux: The 0.01 Release**][1]The first Linux distribution I used was SLS and included the .99pl12 kernel if I remember correctly. I had been working under SCO Unix for quite a while at that point and encountering Linux freed me from that hell. It's ... Read Full Article
  • mod_evasive for the Apache web server
    07/26/2007 6:36PM
    In case you're looking for the current version of the mod_evasive Apache web server module, it is located here: mod_dosevasive automatically responds to small to medium level abuse of a web server. Of late, we've been getting hit by some burdensome attacks so ... Read Full Article
  • How to boot Knoppix from a USB CD on an old machine without bios support.
    07/23/2007 1:48PM
    Sometimes finding answers to the dirt simple questions is the most challenging. **The question:** You want to boot Knoppix. You have an old machine on which the ATAPI CDROM has died. You have a USB CDROM lying around you could use, but oh wait, the BIOS on your old machine does not support booting from a USB ... Read Full Article
  • Personal Stock Streamer by DTLink Software
    07/19/2007 1:23PM
    If you are looking for [DTLink Software][1] and/or Personal Stock Streamer you've come to the wrong place. Check out and . To get in touch with me, please use the form. [1]: http://www.dtlink.com ... Read Full Article
  • 1987 SeaRay Mercruiser 5.7l disassembly photos
    07/04/2007 3:29PM
    Over dinner, Lance and I speculated on what could have gone wrong with Duncan's 5.7l Mercruiser. Did one of the heads crack? Did the head gasket fail? Was there some assembly mistake? Did the block crack? We figured the block must have cracked between the cylinder and the cooling passages near the bottom of the c ... Read Full Article
  • 1987 SeaRay 250 Engine Removal Photos
    07/02/2007 7:34PM
    Poor Duncan. After having just put two brand new heads on his Mercruiser 5.7l V8 drive engine, the block self-destructed on the first outing spewing a disgusting oil/water emulsion everywhere. Duncan and Lance asked to borrow the [building][1] to pull the engine out of the boat. The pictures of this hercule ... Read Full Article