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  • YML.COM Upgraded for formVista
    11/07/2009 3:36PM
    I've upgraded the[ formVista install][1] to the latest and greatest version. This version upgrades [jQuery to 1.3.2][2] and also includes the "Share" links on blog articles making it easier to cross post things to other sites. This version also fixes yet another long standing login bug. So if you have any problems logg ... Read Full Article
  • fiormVista is now available for download
    08/18/2009 11:24PM
    formVista(tm), the business website management engine that forms the basis for our [http://www.collabinvest.net][1] service, has escaped leaving a bloody trail of death and destruction in its wake. Version which is late alpha to early beta ... quality is now available for immediate download from: Read Full Article
  • The YML.COM Roadmap
    02/28/2009 2:43PM
    YML.COM is built on top of a business website management platform that I've created called formVistatm. YML.COM has been running that software for years now. Over the last 12 months I've put together the largest new release to date. formVista is used commercially in two ways: 1. as the platform upon which DTLink Sof ... Read Full Article
  • YML.COM Upgrade Mostly Finished
    02/20/2009 7:52PM
    Finally! After just six days shy of 1 year,  I have an alpha test release of my business web platform software, formVista, completed and have actually managed to upgrade YML.COM. ![generac_thumb.jpg][1] The new software includes a bunch of new features and improvements and, undoubtedly, quite a few new bugs. Key ... Read Full Article
  • Another test
    12/01/2008 1:17PM
    another test ... Read Full Article
  • test article
    12/01/2008 1:06PM
    this is a test. please ignore. ... Read Full Article
  • MOBIE installed - new feature!
    07/28/2005 11:33PM
    I've put together a quick release of MOBIE with a first pass of a user contributed photo section. Prompted by how long it took Ian to show us his awesome new garage, I thought I should put together a way you can all quickly post photos. If you have a YML.COM login, make sure to logout and log back in agai ... Read Full Article
  • YML.COM upgraded to MOBIE
    07/24/2005 4:02PM
    I've upgraded the software that runs YML.COM (known as [MOBIE][1]) to version This should fix the nastly SQL errors that were displayed if you click NEXT in a forum after coming to it from an activity notification email. For those of you that have permission to post YML.COM homepage articles, CLOG article ... Read Full Article
  • Our Press Release Made Yahoo News!
    07/03/2005 11:33PM
    Our press release for the just released [Personal Stock Streamer][1] 7.0.4 got picked up by Yahoo News! [http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/prweb/20050630/bs\_prweb/prweb256200\_1][2] We are very fond of [PRWeb.com.][3] [1]: http://www.personalstockstreamer.com [2]: http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=st ... Read Full Article
  • MOBIE installed.
    06/28/2005 6:16PM
    I've packaged up and installed the latest release of MOBIE on YML.COM. For more information see the [MOBIE][1] website. The "Remember my Login" checkbox should now work. Please [let me know][2] if you notice any problems on the site. [1]: http://www.mobie/biz [2]: /formvista/frontend/icms.php/rd/12 ... Read Full Article
  • MOBIE installed.
    06/12/2005 11:35PM
    YML.COM has been upgraded to MOBIE This release fixes a number of problems with AreaEdit which you will notice if you post articles to the CLOG or bugs to the Ticket list. Error messages have been improved, some more exceptions are handled. The ticket list system has been radically expanded. It now supp ... Read Full Article
  • Albums Page Added.
    06/08/2005 3:03AM
    I've added a [photo albums][1] page. These include Easter Fire, boat, motorcycle and project photos. [1]: /formvista/frontend/icms.php/rd/28 ... Read Full Article
  • Announcing AreaEdit
    06/03/2005 1:32PM
    As many of you know I've been in javascript hell for the last too many weeks. I've been involved in the open source [Xinha][1] project which is a browser based WYSIWYG editor component. The idea had been to make Xinha the editor behind the formVista tag. After much deliberation, I decided to fork th ... Read Full Article
  • YML.COM upgraded to MOBIE
    06/02/2005 5:26PM
    After quite a few weeks of work coming up to speed on asynchronous javascript and XML (AJAX as the buzzword is called now), I'm pleased to announce the YML.COM has now been upgraded to MOBIE This includes some bug fixes. For those of you who post article to the CLOG or bugs to the ticket list you will n ... Read Full Article
  • My first Freshmeat.net listing - dragList.
    05/28/2005 6:22PM
    Check it out: [dragList StandAlone 0.5][1] - Javascript drag and drop ordered lists. [1]: http://freshmeat.net/projects/draglist/?branch_id=58404&release_id=197354 ... Read Full Article
  • Blue Angels Flying.
    05/20/2005 12:10AM
    It's that time of year again, the Blue Angels are flying over Annapolis on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week: I don't know if we'll have the [boat][1] put back together in time but we're going to give it a good try. [1]: /300weekender.html ... Read Full Article
  • MOBIE installed on YML.COM
    04/05/2005 11:32PM
    Continuing my trend of using YML.COM as a test bed, MOBIE has been installed. This /should/ fix the persistent login problems we were noticing. I've changed the caching headers that formVista sends out which should speed things up noticeably. (4 years of development and neglected to check the default hea ... Read Full Article
  • Personal Stock Streamer 7.0 Launched!
    04/04/2005 1:20AM
    Many of you have heard me talk about this absolutely monstrous charts development project that's consumed us for the last 1.5 years. Well, as of today, the beast has been released. So if you care to, go check out our new site and app, [Personal Stock Streamer 7.0][1]. And of course, the site is running MOBIE ... Read Full Article
  • MOBIE installed on YML.COM
    04/03/2005 12:04AM
    Another fast and furious update to YML.COM. MOBIE has been installed. This release features: 1. a password reminder feature on the login page. It works as you would expect. 2. persistent logins. If you check the checkbox when you log in, it /should/ keep your session going indefinitely. If you check tha ... Read Full Article
  • MOBIE install on yml.com. New Features!
    03/31/2005 10:22PM
    I've installed MOBIE on YML.COM. This release of MOBIE is part of our push to release [Personal Stock Streamer][1] 7.0, which will be happening in the very near future. MOBIE now supports three modes for the forum component, public, private and invitation only. Previously there was only the private mode w ... Read Full Article
  • A Triumph! (albeit minor)
    03/28/2005 11:44PM
    I have been managing internet connected servers since 1992. Between kernel upgrades, hardware changes and tripping over the !@$#$@!# power cord after 355 days of uptime, I've never had a server run for an entire year between reboots. So today is a truly glorious day: [root@dns1]# uptime  11:38pm  up 365 d ... Read Full Article
  • MOBIE installed on YML.COM
    03/17/2005 4:44PM
    MOBIE has been installed on YML.COM. It integrates the new [Xinha][1] editor. For those of you who post articles to the clog you'll also notice that you can also upload in-line graphics and that there's a spellchecker now. More information available on the [mobie.biz][2] site. There's a small stylesh ... Read Full Article
  • YML.COM Upgraded to MOBIE
    03/06/2005 5:53PM
    I've installed MOBIE onto yml.com. This adds some stylesheet changes but most importantly includes the return call fixes in formVista. You should notice that yml.com is a bit snappier. If you notice any problems please let me know by filling out a ticket report in the bug list on the left. Thanks, ... Read Full Article
  • Minor update MOBIE installed.
    03/04/2005 3:26PM
    I've upgraded YML.COM to the release of MOBIE. There are just a few minor fixes including some stylesheet changes. If you notice any problems or have any suggestions please post them to the bug list; the bug tracker, primitive though it may be, is working out quite well. Moving forward I will add email ... Read Full Article
  • YML.COM Upgraded to MOBIE
    03/01/2005 4:49PM
    I've finished putting together MOBIE which I've now installed on YML.COM. For the CLOG and FORUMS it's currently using a skin Ryan developed for the new [personalstockstreamer.com][1] site we're working on. The green components will soon be reskinned back into the default YML.COM look look. This release f ... Read Full Article